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Sometimes you just need to bake your monitor
Wedgies Shortcode Plugin Launches
Scoot now offers one-way scooter trips to all locations
Local Delivery Services are more efficient (than you driving alone)
Peer-to-peer carsharing lands at Boston Logan Airport: Flightcar opens second location
Peer-to-peer Carsharing Illegal in New York State?
SFMTA to allow designated on-street parking for peer-to-peer carsharing vehicles
Peer-to-peer car rental consolidates: Relay Rides aqcuires Wheelz
Making Prismatic Better (Chrome Extension to Exclude Specific Sources)
A Post-medallion World
Carsharing using Teslas (and Coptersharing) coming to Las Vegas
Carsharing at the Airport: Zipcar lands at JFK, La Guardia and Newark
New San Francisco Law will Collect Realtime Location from all Taxis
Cheap, plentiful data on Tmobile's $30/month "hidden" data plan
Airport based peer-to-peer carsharing arrives: FlightCar
Uber expanding into peer-to-peer ride sharing in California
Legal Issues with peer-to-peer Ridesharing
Uber faces yet another fight in Denver
CurbTXT enables communication with owners of parked cars
Uber lowers rates in SF, cost is now closer to a Taxi
More one-way trip options with Scoot
Techsportation - Urban transportation + Technology
Travel Suggestions
Analysis of 1 year of taxi complaints in San Francisco (all 1700 of them)
Building a real-time transit information kiosk with Raspberry Pi
Scoot now supports one-way trips
New York taxi commission approves UberTAXI
Startup Weekend Advice
How to get kids into Computer Science (take them to Google)
San Francisco Transportation Startups
Transportation Themed Stained Glass
How to use Google Maps 8-bit tiles in your own project
The Secret to Burrito Etiquette
Comparing Transit Agency Map Styles
How to get the hidden $30/month "Walmart" T-mobile data plan and use Ice Cream Sandwich on a Galaxy Nexus
New domain name bn.ee
Communist Propaganda Signs in Central Vietnam
Amazing Art Nouveau Windmill building in Buenos Aires (Confitería Del Molino)
Thai Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza and Singaporean Prosperity Pizza
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Children Dancing on a DOS prompt
Make mailto: links open in gmail in Google Chrome browser (Windows XP & Vista)
Beijing Beef vs Orange Chicken on Olympic opening day and free wifi at Houston airport
Boingo Wi-Fi sucks
Flight of the Conchords + Google
List pages in wordpress into a PHP Array
World Trip 2008
Buxfer - customer service that can read your mind
Automatic wordpress backups to Amazon S3
My first music purchase since 2000
Why Virgin America is great (and I'm not even on board yet)
Buxfer, Mint & Quicken
Facebook Scores - Mashup with google maps, facebook data & census data
DuMeter Replacement - one more free app
The true shape of the Midwest- Google Analytics
Craigslist to charge fees for brokered rental listings in San Francisco?
Integration = good
Myspace: gone!
Freshbooks takes me out to dinner
Preston Theler - In the right place at the right time
Firefox Extensions you Can't Live Without
Hour 64: Thoughts on Amtrak
Amtrak + iPhone = Crazy Delicious
Mountian pass closed
Grand Junction: Not so grand
Nothing to eat in Winnemucca
Hour 5: Truckee
Internet in the sierras
Old & new school: San Francisco to Chicago via train with an iphone
Geni.com - Some good reasons to check it out
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Memorial site for Kaye Bock
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My New Orleans planning website
Planning in New Orleans: A First Draft
One more cool thing about New Orleans
Pleasure, Treasure, Humanity, Agriculture & Duels
4x4 Off-Road Taurus
Giant plants take over New Orleans
My New Orleans Bike
Synesthesia - My Synesthetic Alphabet
Life in the French Quarter
San Francisco City CarShare: Longer-Term Travel-Demand and Car Ownership Impacts
A Methodology for Modeling Evacuation from New Orleans
Analysis of the Berkeley Class Pass
Fair and Square: The Planning Legacy of World's Fairs
Urban Sprawl - A Case Study of La Crosse, WI