Scoot now supports one-way trips


Scoot Networks, provider of short-term electric scooter rental in San Francisco, announced today that they now support one-way trips.  Initially, one-way trips will only be allowed between two scoot locations:  21st & Valencia and Caltrain (4th & Townsend).  They intend to work the kinks out of one-way trips before adding the ability across all of their locations.

There are no additional fees for one-way trips: Scoots still cost only $5/hour or $10 for 8AM - 6PM Weekdays or Overnight.

scoots with docks2

If you are not familiar with scoot, it operates similar to a carsharing company like Zipcar except they provide electric scooters instead of cars.  Pricing ends up being a lot less than car rental.  No special driver's license is needed.

I'm a member of a scoot and excited to give one-way trips a try.  One-way trips open up a lot of trip types that were not possible before (assuming you live near a one-way scoot pod):

  • Scoot to a store, buy something bulky and take a cab home
  • Scoot to meet someone and take transit from there
  • Scoot somewhere to drink, and take transit home
  • Scoot to Caltrain, go to the southbay and get a ride home with someone

It will be interesting to see how scoot handles one-way demand across the day: will they need to constantly reposition scoots to meet demand going to caltrain in the morning and coming back in the evening?

Read more about scoot or sign up.