CurbTXT enables communication with owners of parked cars


When you see a parked car with their lights on, blocking a driveway or with something else wrong, there isn't anything you can do to alert the owner. CurbTXT wants to change that.

By placing a small sticker on their bumper with a phone number, passerby can contact owners in anonymous, one-way SMS communication by sending a text to their license plate. For example: "CA3214567 you’re blocking my driveway - pls move".

Image by thienzieyung Image by thienzieyung

Anyone can send the SMS, not just car owners or users of CurbTXT. So even if only a few vehicles have registered, it's still a useful service to the owners. CurbTXT currently supports San Francisco, but there is no reason why it couldn't be extended to other cities.

CurbTXT is free, car owners only need to register online and then either pick up or get mails their sticker. San Francisco's Board of Supervisors supports the concept as well, as the city doesn't make money from towing cars (the towing company does).