Beijing Beef vs Orange Chicken on Olympic opening day and free wifi at Houston airport

En route from Belize City I decided to honor the start of the 2008 Olympic Games by taking the Panda Express challenge. A sign in Houston's George Bush Intercontintal Airport posed the question: "Which is better, Beijing Beef or Orange Chicken".

After trying both, I give the gold medal to Orange Chicken with Beijing Beef taking the silver and the Kung Pao chicken not even making it to the final round.

On a related note, a representative from Boingo wifi promptly commented on my last post and stated that they were looking into the firefox compatibility issue. I was impressed by their prompt response (someone at Boingo must monitor Twitter or google) but still surprised that this was the first they had heard of the issue.

On my return trip through Houston I didn't check into whether or not the issue was resolved, I discovered the free wifi available from the Continental Presidents club you can use if you sit at the Gloria Jeans Coffee between E11 and E12.