Brendan Nee

Synesthesia – My Synesthetic Alphabet

September 9th, 2006

I associate colors with letters and numbers. I have done this as early as I can remember but I did not learn that it was a recognized neurological condition until recently. Below you can see the alphabet the way I view it along with various numbers and punctuation. If you are interested in learning more, visit some of the links at the bottom, or follow the synesthesia webring link to other sites.

Synesthetic Alphabet

Synesthesia is estimated to effect up to three percent of the population. People experince it in many different ways, including seeing sounds and smells. I have the most common form, color-letter synesthesia. It is not detrimental, and actually helps me remember things. When I used to work at the airport in catering I could remember what gates and planes that I have visited by the colors I assciated with them.

Synaesthetes tend to confuse left and right, which applies to me. Although I am excellent at navigating and remembering spatial directions, when giving directions to people I confuse left and right all the time.

A correlation between the artists and synaesthetes exists, perhaps indiacting that people with synesthesia are more creative. I am not sure if this applies to me.

t h e s y n e s t h e s i a w e b r i n g
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Here are some Synesthetic links:

Synesthesia: Phenomenology And Neuropsychology
A review of current knowledge of synesthesia. – The author mentions that synesthetics are good at remembering the spatial locations of objects including memorizing floor plans and maps. This is a skill that I have. Also, he mentions that they often have right-left confusion (which I often do).

The UK Synaesthesia Association
This page provides a lot of great background info on Synesthesia.

Trends in colored letter synesthesia
The type of synesthesia that I have is colored letter synesthesia. This paper seeks to identify trends among several synthetics and their colored alphabets. My alphabet matches the trends pretty well.

  • Susan Woofalot

    I have synesthesia too. It is a really cool condition.

  • Kaeleen

    I didn’t figure out I had it until 6th grade, when I read a book called ‘A Mango-Shaped Space’ by Wendy Mass. I absolutely adore that book! It’s a realistic fiction novel.

  • Tara

    My boyfriend told me that he has synesthesia and i was abousolutly thrilled because i think it is the coolest condition ever. When i tell people about it they think ive lost my mind but then they with they had it to. my boyfriend needs to talk to other syeneseetes to get over his fear of people finding out. i wish he was more open. any suggestions or websites i can sign him up for?

  • Alex

    I have it most when I’m half asleep. It just makes sense to me that 6 is olive green and 8 is an orangy golded brown. Lowercase m is a bright but deep green.

  • kendy

    Oh my Goodness!! I want to have this condition sooooo bad. I wish i could memorize all of the colors & numbers!

  • Tess

    When I was little I had a very small case of it. It wasn’t so bad at all, just sometimes I would see d=orange or c=yellow. I think I might have grown out of it, is that possible?

  • Tara

    my boyfriend says that when his grandma died his synesthesia increased dramatically. He says that everything has colors around it. people have a color and when they are mad they turn red, when they are pregnant he can see purple and when they get to be around 7 months, he can see the outline of the baby and see it moving. kinda weird but recently he told me that not only do people have color but he can see colors around things like trees, cars, power lines. He says it gets on him nerves but i think that its the best forever. He can also see when people are lying because they turn red. i can never let him guess his presents because if he guesses it and i say no he will know what i got for him. also he can tell if you’re playing a game like go-fish and cheat so i can never do that kind of things with him. if i do he lets me win. I wish he could talk to someone who has this to. if you know what Im talking about please give me some advice.

  • Lawrence

    I agree with Tess (1/9/08): C=yellow, D=orange. A is definitely red and B brown.

  • meezle

    most of my letters have colors, but not all. is that still considered synesthesia? all my numbers have colors. they also have personalities, which even i find pretty weird. four is definately my favorite because its nice and quiet…kind of like me.

  • Web Nightingale

    Hello everybody

    Im a synesthesic too…! And i have to say it’s certainly shocking when you know others around you do not “see” what you used to think is a normal thing. But when you used to, its amazing.

    In answer to you TARA, i’d really like to congratulate you ’cause your supporting your boyfriend like that. I hope my girlfriend would be as considerated as you. (i dont have, but if a would…)
    Check this website: (sorry im a lonely synest’, i don’t know if i can post a link, admin)
    And be happy both o’you

  • Via

    hi everyone. i have synesthesia and i have seen colors drifting in the air when i hear sound ever sinse i can remember. i associate letters, numbers, sounds, music, and words with color. i know i may sound wierd but the world is colorful to me, its like having the colorful gummie worms on the ice cream. ice cream is so bland without the color. when i read a Mango Shaped Space, i had no idea what i had, i thought everyone saw color. i learned about this a few years ago, in the sixth grade, now i know that not everyone sees color, and that its a rare thing. its pretty cool. if there is anyone out there who also sees color, blog because i only know two people tthat claim to have this wonderful rare gift of color. it would be fun to hear from you. well later people! oh and i am not flunking school, or getting bad grades, but algebra is not my thing, x is glassy maroon witha smeary shade of silver behind it, x cannot equal 3 because 3 is marigold orange!! yea.. oh and tess, i am not sure if it went away, but certain occasions can sort of snap you out of it, but once you have synesthesia, it stays with you. i hope you get your colors back, i love seeing mahogany rings in the air when the door shuts. good luck! oh and alex, that is a form of synesthesia. bye every one. a= hay yellow b=brown c=ocean blue d=a purplepink e=flower stem green on and on..

  • meezle

    Via, your colors are all wrong! a is definitely red, b is dark yellowish, c is white, d is brown, and e is blue!

  • Web Nightingale

    Hello again!!!

    I’d like to tell you now what kind of synesthesia do i have. Well, my one is a cool mix: I see the music, every kind of music… can see colors, objects and lines, a lot of things and colors, but
    when i hear a song, i mean a good song, wooow, then i can even feel the music, i start to see different scapes, like to be transported to another place, a colorfull place where everything is changing o color, the mountains, the sky, clouds, whatever, changes its color according the music and i can even touch the things, i feel i can touch the music, and a beatifull sensation of energy full me and… well, yeah, is amazing.
    Sometimes i feel the flavor of the music or colors i see, or i can see the smellings too… so cool. I can see the voices and its texture too.
    And other little things that makes me apreciate the simple things of the life.
    I always thought everyone can see the same, but now that i know they don’t, Id like to share this gift with the world. Im starting a project to show in video or any media digital resource, what do i feel when i heard music, ’cause id want everyone to have the chance to see my world.
    To love the life.
    Thanks hehehe i think im inspired hehehe Come on!!! We are privileged.
    Would you say we are the real-life equivalent of X men? hahaha 😉

  • kate

    Hey I see colors for numbers, letters, music, everyday sounds, I hear motion(like lightning), words, smells, and sometimes I taste sound. Like the smell of sulfur is puke green and the taste of spongebobs voice is a cherry-grape. I had no Idea what synesthesia was untill I read the book A Mango Shaped Space, before I thought that I was the only one who saw like this because I knew that my friends didn’t see sounds and didn’t hear motion! I’d love to talk to someone else who tastes sounds!!!!!!!!

  • kl

    Hey Tara I have that too!!!!!!! Just maybe not as strong, it kinda feels like I’m reading their minds but in reality people amit this oderless, touchless, and undetectible gas type of things and some people can see it!! When their mood changes so do the colors of the gas. Its really cool

  • bright eyes

    ok, just out of curiousity…
    i was an article on the site that Web made a link for and it said:

    “Other examples of synesthetic experiences people can have, just to name a few, are being able to see sounds — as well as hear them…”

    well, you know how some radios have those games where they play a sound and you call in to guess? (where it’s something really random like…scraping a cookie with a credit card for example) Do these synesthesics know exactly what the sound is when it is played? or not? I mean, i htink it might make sense to but then again, i guess it might not be right.
    so tell me if you know 🙂

  • meezle

    brighteyes–thats not exactly what “seeing sounds” means. for example, when i hear a certain song, i’ll see the color green. that really annoying ringing you get in your ears when you’re tired is a really bright white. other people might see different shapes and patterns when they hear music or a certain sound, but im not that special. so thats what it means when someone says they “see a sound”

    hope that helped!

  • Web Nightingale

    Thats right… i do percieve sounds like colors and shapes, even textures, but most of them are really far of what really the sound source is (Example, french corn looks BLUE, but the real instrument is like golden or silver) I’ve never tried that radio games, but now ill try and tell you hehehe bright eyes.
    – KATE:
    Thats pretty cool! So does spongebobs voice tastes like cherry-grape? Thats amazing!!! I sometimes can taste music, but not always, i dont know why. I think thats not so intense on me. But hearing the tastes, thats intense… everything i taste have a sound… i will pay attemption next time i eat cherry-grape, if i listen something like spongebobs voice 😀 😀 Cool!

  • bright eyes

    I just finished reading A Mango-Shaped Space…it WAS really good. As a book and as a way of learning more about synesthesia. I’m glad you guys mentioned it enough on here to get my curiousity! Thanks 🙂 The noises and shapes make a lot more sense now. And the acupuncture was really interesting. Have any of you ever done that? Tell us about it if you did!

  • Web Nightingale

    Hello everybody
    Well, here in my country doesn’t exist a translation of “a mango shaped space” (i live in mexico), but i’d really like to get it, don’t care its in english or not. Can you help me?
    And about the acupuncture, bright eyes, i don’t know what you mean ’cause i haven’t read the book yet, but i can tell you something very interesting… Some days ago, i was under acupuncture sessions -for medical purposes- and i suddenly discover that my synaesthetical perceptions had become clearer, very more clear and sharped, more intense… im not sure about streightening, but something is sure, they were very clear. I really enjoy perceiving music that day. I strongly recommend it !!!
    And any of you have ever do something of acupuncture? Tell us!!!

  • bright eyes

    Web Nightingale…I got this from google. You can buy the book here.

    Just look online for different places to buy it.
    Good Luck!

  • meezle

    That’s amazing! I should try acupuncture, see what happens. 🙂

  • Web Nightingale

    Thank you very much, Bright eyes! Ill try to get it as soon as possible.
    And meezle, i’d like to know about your synnie’s perceptions after acupuncture! Thats pretty cool, lets see if they get stronger or what…
    I have found that one cousin o’mine is also a synaesthete! (Of mother’s side.)
    And also a very nice friend o’mine is synaesthete too!!! So, i can tell you: talking others about your synaesthesia is productive. go on do it and let us know if you find out another synnies.
    By the way, can anyone of you tell me if its true that drinking cofee makes synaesthesia less-strong, but alcohol (a little hehe) increase the synaesthetical perceptions? I’ll try too, with measure course, but let me know if you discover something
    If Mr. Brendan nee wants to tell us something, good. Thanks 4 this synnie’s space

  • meezle

    my numbers and some letters have personalities—anyone else have this? example–5 is really wild and spunky and kinda mean, but 4 is really really quiet and nice.

  • Web Nightingale

    Hey! Definitively that’s synaesthesia, and i know other synnies who has that, personalities for numbers. Have you ever think about your number’s gender?
    I mean, is for you 4 male, or female?
    hehe Maybe they have, that’s synaesthesia too.

    I’ve found a great synaesthesia forum, with amazing info about it, incredible questions and so much fun. Would you, all synaesthetes friends, like to go?
    Tell me and i’ll put the link ok?:-D
    See you!!!

  • meezle

    yeah they do have genders, some more than others. the number 1 doesnt exactly have a gender, but i find it to be more female than male, if that makes any sense. 2 is male, 3 is male, 4 is female, 5 is male, 6 is male, 7 is male, 8 could go either way, 9 is male (and best friends with 4 and 7 lol), so on and so on, i could go on but it would take me a really long time 🙂

  • Lawrence

    I and R are authoritative, commanding letters; E is expansive and free, H is self-protective, tough and distant and V protects others!

  • meezle

    mine are kind of different–i is really quiet, r is a bit commanding i suppose, e is just kind of cranky and depressed most of the time, not so sure about h. some are more prominent than others.

  • Vamp

    I wish I had Synaesthesia. It’s so cool!
    Another good book: Mondays are Red.

  • bright eyes

    I was just looking up books about synesthesia on my library’s website and it came up with The Name of This Book is Secret, by Pseudonymous Bosch.
    Anyone know if it is any good?

  • SynesthesiaIzKewl

    yes i read that book last year. i first learned about synesthesia from it but assumed it was made-up by the author. my dad found this site and mentioned it too me.

    the book itself is not bad i guess. the context was a bit strange but it has a good plot. why dont you just read it and give it a try?

  • MJ

    your A is red? aw, everyone has red As, mine is yellow… I wish I had more strongly coloured letters… I don’t even have a green one 😉

  • Lawrence

    A is definitely red. I get yellow for S. The letter I get green for is T.

  • meezle

    yeah i agree a is red. but s is definitely not yellow!! it’s totally see-through, like glass. if anything, o is yellow, and t is black or dark blue. 🙂

  • bright eyes

    I really want to read that book but it’s not at my library.
    Maybe I can find it at Barnes and Noble or something.

  • jenn

    i have that “gift” too i had it ever since i was little around four or five and i have the fear of telling people sometimes people tend to make fun of you but hey you learn to live with it.

  • Web Nightingale

    Yeah, sometimes could be hard to talk about synaesthesia with others… Specially because it’s also hard to explain, all the colors and shapes, etc.
    But the coolest is when you find out another synnies.
    Check this please, im sure you’re gonna love it if you give it one chance:

    A little question: How do you see your names? Mine one is blue, cerulean blue, and last name: white, because the S.

    And do you see weeks, months and years in a determinated color or shape? Synnie too

  • Both my first and last name are brown.

    Months are all the same color as their starting letter, except Oct which gets some color from the “C”.

    Jan = Blue
    Feb = Green
    Mar = Purple
    Apr = Red
    May = Purple
    Jun = Blue
    Jul = Blue
    Aug = Red
    Sep = Blue
    Oct = Orangish-Gray
    Nov = Brown
    Dec = Brown

    days of the week mostly take on the color of their first letter, but Sat and Sun get some brown, perhaps from the “day” part of the word. Saturday is too fun to be blue, so its reddish for me.

    Monday = Purple
    Tuesday = Green
    Wednesday = Blue
    Thursday = Green
    Friday = Green
    Saturday = Reddish-brown
    Sunday = Blueish-brown

  • bright eyes

    what does the name carrie look like to you synesthetes? 🙂

  • Lawrence

    I get a pinkish guava colour for Carrie. I get the same colours for January, April, June, July and October that Brendan does.

  • meezle

    carrie is crimson red with a tiny hint of white because of the “i”. i see the word in the color of its vowels, which i find kinda cool since a lot of people say they get the word’s color from its first letter…is it weird that i see it this way?

  • Web Nightingale

    Hi! Well, that’s not weird at all meezle, it’s completely normal (for synaesthetes, i mean lol ) In my case, i percieve the names of people with their personalities’ colors, i mean, if you are a green person, (hahaha) your name will get the same color… it’s kind a mix between grapheme syn, personality syn and i don’t know what… So, every synnie percieves the world in a different way.

    Carrie… Beautiful white with a little pale yellow, like new ivory and a little orange in the left.

    Curiousity: How many of you see January in blue? 🙂 Or what about pesonalities and its colors?

  • In my Mind

    ok well i dont know if i have this condition or not? because i only see the letters and numbers and months and days as colors in my mind only and i aggree with meezle i can “see sond” too

  • Web Nightingale

    Synaesthesia includes ‘seeing’ the colors out of your head AND ‘see’ them Inside your mind, like looking with your ‘mind eyes’…
    So if you percieve the colors in your mind, could certainly be valid synaesthesia…
    Are those colors always the same for you? And is that an involunctary response to letters, sound and months?

  • lucy

    I just found this website today but it all seems so cool! A is SOOO not red!!! it could be yellow but i think its more of a baby blue…i also see carrie as white, yellow and specks of green. i only see colors. no personalities. I have read a mango shaped space a long time ago and then again recently. it was AWSOME. everyone should totally read it!!

  • lucy

    i agree with lawrence. the S is yellow

  • 魚头

    hello ….i am chinese,and i can see different colours in chinese character .
    just like :天——light blue
    蔬——dark green
    好——orange/light yellow
    sorry for my poor english. …

  • Web Nightingale

    WOW! That is great, 魚头 !
    I’m glad to meet someone from so far away like you! Don’t worry, your english is good.
    Do you feel like your chinese characters have personality?
    Welcome 🙂

  • 魚头

    🙂 yes ,I think they have.In China,there are 2 characterforms
    one is called 【simplified character】 like 鱼、发
    another is 【traditional form】 like 魚、(發、髮)————these wrew used in old books.

    the first character魚/鱼 in Chinese means [fish],which I think is cyan.He is a boy.

    although 發/髮=发
    in simplified character 发means [send out][hair][discover][make a fortune]…so I think 发 have many colours: yellow/dark blue/green/…

    發only means [make a fortune]—-it has only one colour :green. He is a boy.
    é«®only means [hair]——-I think it’s rose red.She is a girl.

    one Chinese character(simplified character) always has too many different means,so when I see them……
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..they are colorful of various colours.I have some difficult in reading…I can’t read 【through】an article which has too(?Am I right) many words
    .I always skip skip skip…finding the key words(the beautiful words),and guess the general idea.

  • lucy

    do english letters have color for you or just chineese characters?

  • Elisa

    I see numbers, names, and letters in colors. Not everything has a color, but almost. I did not even know there was something called synesthesia, until yesterday when i talked to one of my friends about it, and they told me to “google” it.
    Take forexample my name it’s yellow, the number 3 is green(kinda dark green) 5 is blue, the name Tina is purple and so on. I see it in my head kinda (:
    Hope to hear from some of you (maby we see the same colors hehe)

  • Web Nightingale

    Elisa is yellow, and the number 5 is blue!!!

  • meezle

    i agree that 5 is blue. 3 is also green for me 🙂

  • Sophie

    I was looking at this person’s site about their synesthesia, and one of the types this
    “Not sure how to categorise this last one, but words, writing, has an effect on me, so poetry, for example, fits into the sound category, even though it technically doesn’t have a sound, I’m reading it in my head, so I’m ‘hearing’ sort of, what it would sound like if it did, because I experience what I would hear, if I did hear it. If you’re synaesthetic, you get that. If you aren’t, I know, it sounds bizarre!”
    Does that mean that they hear what they’re reading in their “mind’s ear?” I do that. I’m so confused.

  • Jamie Henshaw

    I am actually sorry to say I do not also have this condition “synesthesia”. Particularly alphabetical. But, this is an extremely interesting thing that happens. I am of a wholly sound mind that there is something more to the words that we speak. Tests were performed at one point that indicates our spoken language, any language, has an effect on the energy around us – see works of Masuro Emoto. I am interested to know if any of you would be willing to let me know what colors your alphabet is – I see bits and pieces, but the whole alphabet? Also words that imply emotion. What color is “love” “hate” “prayer” “care”? and your name. I’m sure you will find more intersting correlations with each other as well… thank you anybody that replies!

  • Elli

    It’s so fun to read all the comments~

    All my numbers and letters have colors, and in sixth grade I started learning chinese and those have colors too.

    When I start to think more about it I feel sorry for those without synesthesia. ):
    They don’t get the pretty colors~

    Oh yeah lol & when I read I skip over all the words I don’t like the colors of. When I read stories it’s fine cause I see like a movie sort of in my head about what’s going on but it makes it really hard to read textbooks pfft.

  • Georgia (:

    I was recently diagnosed with syn.
    I have;
    Graphemes – colors
    Musical sounds – colors
    Flavors – colors
    Personalities – colors
    Emotion – flavor
    Pain – flavor
    Every since ive had it diagnosed everything has made so much more sense.
    As a little child i would often cry when my parents played anything by david bowie and i realise now it was probably becuse I find david Bowie has a creepy black misty colour.

  • Courtney Epperson

    Hi! 🙂

    First, I don’t think you guys have conditions… have you ever thought maybe you do have extra senses? This doesnt mean you’re crazy at all, and nothing to be ashamed of. 🙂

    What I am wondering is this… do you know of any web sites or groups that are aiming to ask people what their perceptions are, so we can see if there is at least a general agreement of colors?? From the above comments, it seems that many people do have similar perceptions, though some vary, and like any new skill or sense, I believe that there are varying levels of accuracy between different people. But if you could work together to maybe see how many others agree with your colors, maybe you can “re-look” at your colors, double-check, and see if there is in fact consensus? Also, you should look into the color associations of the chakras and such to see if this helps or is the same… I am very curious!

    Can anyone tell me any websites that have lists of color translations for everyday words, numbers, letters, feelings, concepts, emotions and objects, etc? Or even if it is just alphabetical lists… if not, someone should start one! Let’s see if these perceptions are mutual! Or if they are individual..

  • Erica

    My letters and numbers have personalitys. I know this is synesthesia but I did not tell anybody yet….
    Ay advice??

    Aslo, I have a alphabet, but when I read, I do not see the colors on a the page.
    And I just know this stuff, I do not complain if my 6 is with my 2 or anything.

    Is this really synesthesia????
    And does anybody know how to make a alphabet??

  • meezle

    yeah thats totally synesthesia! 🙂 i know exactly what you mean–my letters and numbers have personalities, and i also dont see the colors on the page, its just in my minds eye. 🙂

    what are the different personalities your numbers/letters have?

  • bright eyes

    Ok, I’m not a synnie at all, but as I read the comments, I’m starting to think….well, lemme give you an example.
    When Jamie asked what color hate, prayer, care, and love are, I thought about how to me, hate would be red, orange, and yellow (like fire), prayer is like a holy white color with maybe a little purple or blue (reminding me of a dove). Love is reddish and pinkish (like hearts), care…maybe blue.
    But what I’m trying to say is that I think the average non-synesthesic person can relate certain words with certain colors based on, well, things that are related to the word. Definately not as much as a synnie would, but just somewhat. Otherwise, I dunno.
    I’m not sure how to explain it really, but if this makes sense, do you have an answer?

  • bright eyes

    Haha, yes I’m commenting twice in a row. 😉 Web, you said that “Synaesthesia includes ’seeing’ the colors out of your head AND ’see’ them Inside your mind, like looking with your ‘mind eyes.'”
    What if you only picture it in your mind? I mean, this text is clearly black to me so I know I’m just ‘normal.’ But going back to my last comment, when I see the word January in my mind, it triggers the thought of snow so I see it kind of as a blue with snowflakes. And December, due to the snow again, is the same. Valentine’s Day is in February so that determine’s the colors for me. March has St. Patrick’s day…etc.

  • Lawrence

    I get brown for hate, white for care, dark blue for prayer and red for love. I think I get colours for them through intuition or through a psychic sense. Dark blue is quite a devotional colour. I agree with bright eyes that January has blue in it but I see as an orangey-brown – probably because I get the colour orange for the letter D!

  • Erica

    Hi ! sorry I did not respond for a while.
    My letters only have personalities, and only when they are just a letter, not in a whole word. I also agree that January is blue, D is orange, and five is blue. But 3 is REALLY radiant and bright yellow, or sometimes red. And for some reason, during math, my numbers turn back to black. Is this normal? And my brother has it to! He says that he hears motion, but I am not sure. Do you think he is lying and how can I test him for that?
    Here are some of my stuff:
    F=angry, and red
    q= royal, stuck up, and purple
    X=black, and has no personality.
    1= red, but silver with another digit
    6=lime green
    9=dark green
    13= silver and then red

    My name (Erica) = Red/Crimson and green, mixed together.
    E= Green
    I=white, and not showing in my name, as it turns red
    A=Green and red, but switches off.

    Oh yeah, and the word it is really wierd.

    Sorry because it is so long!

  • Erica

    Oh and does any body kniow how to make a alphabet like the one on this page?

    • To create a synaesthetic alphabet like the one above you can use photoshop or an online image creation tool like I’d be interested to see others alphabets.

  • Shosh

    OMFG my BFFl has this!! she tellls me all about it!! ugh it must be so COOL!!!she shows me everything she knows about it and tells me everything i think it is just amazing! she showed me this book that explains all the differnt kinds its called
    Wensday is Indigo Blue. If there are ppl who want to know about you should so check it out!!!

  • Erin Angel

    Hi!!! I have synesthesia pretty bad. I just wanna talk to other people with it. If anyone here has it, u can email me at erinjohnsonsssss @ gmail . com!!!! Make sure that the subject is ” Synesthesia chat”. Thank you. 🙂

  • WebNightingale

    Hi again!
    Bright eyes, i absoutely am sure you have syn! You should take a look on the book Shosh recommended, “Wednesday is indigo blue”, is just, clever!
    There the autor explains they now like to classify synaesthetes in Localizers and Non-localizers, which means that if you see the colors in your mind, or if you know what color it is, then you are a non-localizer synaesthete; a completely valid form of it.
    I think that new website that Courtney suggested is a great idea… could work.

    To Jamie Henshaw and Mr. Brendan Nee, i agree: I’ll try to post my alphabet and numbers as soon as i can. thanks for the idea.

    A lil’ question for all of you: Have you ever think of your numbers like having temperature?
    I mean, i’ve recently discover that the 7 and the 4 are warmer colors than 6 and 9… how could i explain it? is it syn?

  • Lawrence

    To WebNightingale:
    Maybe you see numbers as having temperatures because numbers can have colours associated with them. Red, pink, orange and yellow are warm colours and blue and violet are cool colours, green and brown lukewarm. For instance, I get yellow for five, so five would be a warm number.

  • meezle

    i am beginning to worry that my syn is going away, i found out i had it about a year ago and then the associations were pretty strong with sound, letters and numbers, but now im not seeing sound nearly as much and the color of letters is fading. numbers are pretty much the same though. is it possible for syn to go away so quickly?? will i get it back???

  • WebNightingale

    Oh meezle, sorry for hear that. But you don’t have to be worry, frequently synaesthesia got faded or weaked due to stress, or a very impressive or shocking experience, but it just need a lil’t time to come back to normality 😀
    Could that be the reason in your case?
    Also some medicines could have side effects on synaesthesia, so, have you started a new treatment recently?

    In any case, synaesthesia use to come back to normal, yeah, you just need time and try to relax… 🙂 Hope you get better and as colorful as always soon : 😉

  • WebNightingale

    Ah, and Lawrence!
    Thanks for your answer! That’s pretty much possible…
    but isn’t yellow a cold colour? 😀 lol
    *synaesthete joke*
    But seriously, yellow feels cold to me

  • Lawrence

    That’s OK, WN but I’ve never seen as a cold colour! It speaks of brightness and sunshine! So, does that mean that you see 6 and 9 as cold numbers?!

  • WebNightingale

    *lol* 😀
    Don’t think so! 6 is green and 9 is blue! Aqua blue 🙂 hehehe
    Well, actually, 9 IS a cold number…
    Synaesthesia rocks!
    The life wouldn’t be the same without the synaesthesia and the payment days 😀

  • meezle

    hmm numbers don’t have temps, more like personalities. and six is definitely not green!!! 😀 its obviously brown and kinda mean haha…and nine is crimson!! and thanks for the advice webnightngale 🙂

  • Sylvie

    I think i have # letter color synesthesia but the colors aren’t as vivid really as other people with synesthia say they are. I have to focus on a word or # to see the color, if I am looking at something a little away from a word, i will not see the colors of the word. Also sometimes I feel itchy and try to itch it but it isn’t affected at all by the scratching and doesn’t go away, does that have anything to do with this or am i just weird?

  • Sylvie

    my #s are 1-yellow or white in a # with multiple digits,2-spring green,3-pink,4-fiery redish orange,5-regular blue,6-dull bluish purple,7-lemon yellow,8-dark red,9-foresty green and 0 is whte or doesn’t really have a color. Letters have colors too but are less noticeable and i can ignore them and are kind of blurred and blended together. And I’ve heard stuff about the minds eye, is that it? Also i am thinking about doing something about synesthesia for my science fair project. Any ideas? science projects are such a pain

  • Sophie

    Hi!! My numbers and letters have a personality and gender and color, but stronger with numbers, words have color to, and some personality, but most of my words the colors dont blend its just the colors of the letters but put into a word so like air- a is red, i is black with a white outline , and r is a rusty orange, so thats how it looks to me, but I want wondering for those who taste words if they could tell me what the name Sophie taste like to you?
    Thank you if you answered.

  • Lawrence

    I get a savoury snack taste for Sophie which I find hard to describe. Sorry! It’s such a nice name and deserves better. My colours for numbers are:- 2 orange-brown, 4 green, 5 yellow, 6 pink, 8 light brown/beige, 10 white, 50 gold.

  • WebNightingale

    Well, sophie, i don’t use to perceive tastes with names, but i do see colours according to everyone’s personalities… so sooner i’ll get a colour for you, by sure…
    And Silvie, of course that’s synaesthesia, so you are not weird… so welcome to the club lol 😀

    Hey buddies, did you see TV yesterday?
    HEROES has a new character, Emma, and guess what! SHE HAS SYNAESTHESIA!!! Oh yeah, it’s a great surprise… The special effects aren’t so great, but hey! synnies are now on TV.
    She has sound -> colour, and i reccomend you to search for that chapter… INK. 😀

  • Julia

    I don’t think I have synesthesia, but i thought I’d just write my own alphabet like yours with the colours, before I looked at yours. My alphabet had some things the same, like A and Z and P, very very close in the same shade, but my V and W are totally differnt. BUT! my 2 3 4 5 6 7 are identical. 1 doesn’t really have a colour for me, and I have a weird black for 8 and X where you have that orange colour. so I give 8 and X the same colour, which is what you do too, just, its a different colour between me and you.
    Does this mean I have mild synesthesia? it applies to the names of the days of the week for me too. I don’t actually see these colours, they’re just what seem to match if I think about it.

  • Julia

    hey I realised if my blue and yellow were swapped then that would make my E I J S U V W and Y the same as yours, even the intensity and all, matched.

  • Ori (for short)

    im not sure if i have synesthesia but i see colors everywhere on walls and stuff. Sometimes my friends and teachers have a realy pretty white see through a bit like icing gloow surrounding them. The color is always the white. Whats really cool is that when i run my hand across the air when i look to the celing i see my hands lines glow behind it kind of like on water if you run youre hand through it, its almost like painting in the air. Im sorry im probly not explaining it clear enough. Its very hard to explain. You know when you learn in math the thing where you have to draw an object on a grid paper then move it like 5 up and 3 to the left (this is what we did in grade 6 or 7) if i look to a tree and look some place else i see the tree in that whitish color exacly like doing that math thing. Sometimes its been realy light pink and baby blue. Sometimes i see a color when you use paint and other colors surrounds it like if i paint with red a blue glow surrounds it the color green yellow surrounds it. Sometimes i see random dots and lines everywhere with diffrent colors. Its very hard to read a book (i have read a mango shaped space) because i see so many colors not like colors on the letters just colors. My most seen colors are green blue red yellow and a lot of white glows.

    is this synesthesia? and by the way if you think im faking or making this up couse i know it does not sound like synesthesia.. im not. and my eyes are perfecly fine and healthy. The eye exray looks gross but the doctor says its fine.How do you tell someone that you see colors? the last time i told someone it did not work out.
    If its not synesthesia then i give up looking but im happy to have it. Its vrey beautiful and i would never do anything to give it away.

  • junie

    I do not have synesthesia. I found/read the book “A Mango Shaped Space” this summer. This book was one of the best books I have ever read even over the Twilight series! This was the first time I had ever heard of Synesthesia. I am in 8th grade and i dont like my science class. We have to do this big project and it really stresses me out. I can never think of a topic because i am not interested in science. but i finally thought of doing my project on synesthesia! For once I have enjoyed putting together my project and researching my topic. I am now finishing my project. but i would love to know more about synesthetes getting acupunture.

  • Web Nightingale

    Wow, that’s so cool, Junie!!!

    I agree, syn is an AWESOME thread for a science project. So i think i speak for everyone when i say we’d love to help.
    So, what’s exactly you’d like to know?
    Acupuncture? 🙂

    BTW Julia, sorry for the late…
    Those are your colours? Great! I mean, yes it really seems to be synaesthesia! I know what you mean with not seeing the colours, but just knowing which they are…

  • junie

    Yeah, I would love to know more about acupunture. I couldn’t find almost anything when I looked online.

  • Web Nightingale

    OK… I’ve talked with other synnies and they say their responses are not exactly like in the book AMSS, but way different.
    Some of them get sounds like bells tinkling, other perceives colours or shapes, etc. In my personal case, i hear something like violins playing one note at the distance, but that’s all. The interesting thing comes AFTER the acupuncture season, because all my syn responses become so clear and so well-defined. It’s all, amazing.

    BTW in this site you will find a whole thread about syn & acupuncture:

  • Brooke

    I read “A Mango Shaped Space”. I don’t have synesthesia, but I think it’s really cool. If you guys could tell me a little more about it, that would be great. Are there other types of synesthesia, like hearing music when you eat or something like that?

  • Brooke

    Just out of curiosity, what color is my name? Btw, I think my mom has synesthesia. Numbers have a gender and a personality to her. Is that synesthesia?

  • kayla

    hey Guys, unfortantly i dont have synesthesia! im 12 and i was reading a book and 3 of the may characters had synesthesia. i htought the author was makin it up so i googled it i really think it’s amazing. you guys are really cool! now i wish i had it and i wonder if any of my friends have it! so the book was talkin about a kid named benjamin blake and a girl named cassandra who has really pointy ears . ben said every time has saw cass that he tasted mint-chip ice cream, at the end of the book cass told ben mint-chip was her favorite ice cream! do any of u taste stuff when u see people? im really interested in this so any other books i can read? thanks and what do u see for KAYLA (my name)?

  • Alison

    Hey guys-
    I noticed you all arguing over what colors the letters and numbers are. The true answer:
    It varys from person to person. The color one person sees “A” as might not be what color you see it as. It has to do with the wiring of the brain, and it normally is different for every person.

  • Tom Miller

    Hi there, I’m researching Synesthesia as part of an MA Graphic Design at LCC in London, UK. I’m looking into how similar and/or different Synesthetes’ alphabets and numeration are. If any Synesthetes out there are able to provide upper and lower case alphabets and 0-10 numbers, it would help me generate the information design I’m hoping to produce.



  • Brooke

    English please Tom. I’m only 12.

  • Web Nightingale

    Allison: That’s true.
    We just do it for fun, but actually, every synaesthete is totally different, which is cool, because synaesthetes have diversity,
    And Brooke: Hey, that really sounds like synaesthesia 😀 Yay!
    And yes, there’s taste -to-sound synaesthesia, hearing food 🙂
    And a lot more… syn combinations are almost endless.
    And what your mom has is called Ordinal-Linguistic Personification, OLP, that’s why she perceives numbers and letters that way. 🙂
    Ask her which is her prefered one 🙂 about personality.
    KAYLA: You have a yellow name! I think is due to the Y. What do you think, guys?

  • Lawrence

    Brooke, I get a light brown for your name – maybe because I get brown for the letter B.

    Kayla, I get tastes for people but not very often. I don’t know why I associate my manager with Liquorice Allsorts! I get light green for Kayla and I get a fizzy lime juice taste.

    Has anyone heard of lexical-gustatory synaesthesia? It’s when you perceive tastes when you hear words. I’ve had that from as far back as I can remember.

    Yes, Web Nightingale, Y is yellow! So are S and W, aren’t they?

    Tom, do you still need the alphabet and numbers 0-10? I can give you my results!

  • Lejend

    i want this condition and at the same time i dont
    because i dont want to be teased like that girl named “Mia”

  • El

    I have synesthesia!
    Iv had it for as long as I can remember but I didn’t realise I had it until I was about 13 when I was talking about it with my mum and she told me what it was because she has it too. I remember talking about it with other people before I knew what it was and they thought I was mad, this made me embarrased. Now I know what it is some of my friends still think Im mad or making it up. This upsets me but some of my other friends think its cool, one even calls it my ‘gift’.

    Every word, letter, number, name has a colour and most have personalities. Some have sounds, tastes and smells as well. Some words are unbearable to hear or read because I get a bad taste or smell. But Im getting used to it and see it as a really cool thing which Im incredibly lucky to have.

    • Glad you found this site and got to share your story.

  • Sara

    I have synsethia too. I see sounds with colours. My favourite sound is gentle music because for me its multi-coloured waves.

  • mar

    I dont know if I have synsethesia or not…Actually I didnt even know anything about it until one of my classmates gave a presentation about it…and now im really curious… but I dont do it much with colors.. its just that sometimes i see an A as 4 a 9 as Q, 7 as a Z, a 5 as an S, 1 as a T,6 as a G..etc.. however its not that it confuses me or anything its more of like an urge i feel when i see either the letter or the number…its weird, and hard to explain…

  • thenat

    Synesthesia sounds really cool. I also read AMSS and got interested. When I am reading your decpriptios of colors of numbers and letters i find myself disagreeing with you but not because I’ve ever seen the before… they just seem that way lol. Mar- I have something similar to you. When i write letters or numbers I often write them wrong especially when doing math with both equations and variables like 8 and x.

  • Leigh

    What does the name Christy look like? =D

  • Lawrence

    I get white and pale yellow for Christy, radiant and shining. I get the same for Christian, probably because both sound like ‘crisps’, which are pale yellow. But there’s definitely pure white there, shiny white with a pink centre.

  • KrazyKK

    Hey guys I didnt know about synesthesia until I got the book THE NAME OF THIS BOOK IS SECRET by PSEUDONYMOUS BOSCH. oh and Kayla- only Benjamin Blake has it (oh, and the bergamo bros)! i think i might have it though. When i hear, for example, Turandot: “Nessun Dorma” by Puccini, I feel like i am in the scene, taste faint things, etc. sometimes its faint, but sometimes my senses get all jumbled. AMSS is a great starter book, and after i read that i thought about my “symptoms.” Do you think I have it? Oh, and I dont have trouble with left and right, nor do I have many problems with math (though i dont always get the concepts). when i read something, sometimes it looks like the words are in the backround too. They are faint and colored, and when I read the actual thing they seem to jump out at me. oh, and whenever i’m listening to music (or something like that), where i get subconsious pictures, and i wake up to that, they dissapear. its like watching the birds. if you start moving anywhere, even shifting around, you have to start over, because the birds fly away. do i have synesthesia?

  • Leigh

    Lord, this is all pretty amazing =) thanks lawrence

  • Woah… man, this sounds just like me. Confusing left and right, creativity, easier to remember numbers and letters… I never really thought much of it until my math teacher mentioned it in class one day. It’s nice to realize that there are more people like me than I thought! ^w^ I have the Letter/Number->Color type, but I know one of my friends has the Sound->Color type. She says it can be blinding in large crowds.

  • Silvina

    hola queria pedirles si alguien me puede escribir el alfabeto con colores, ya q creo q el de la imagen de arriba no coincide, mucha sgracias

  • Web Nightingale

    Hola, mucho gusto Silvina!
    Te refieres a que no ves la imagen, o son los colores que están mal? Si es lo segundo, que maravilla! Quiere decir que en efecto, tienes sinestesia. 😀
    Por lo pronto puedo decir que cada sinestesico ve las letras de manera única y diferente, así que no hay dos alfabetos iguales (de los colores, claro) 🙂 por eso no coincide…
    ¿De que color ves las letras del alfabeto, o qué letra es tu favorita?

  • meezle

    i just found out one of my friends has synesthesia! we had a really long argument about what color certain letters and numbers are

  • Angie

    I have been doing this as long as I can remember, but never gave it much thought until now, I guess. I was just reading about it, and found the actual name for it. Since I never thought about it, it now seems very weird to me that most people DON’T apply additional *value* or characteristics to their letters and numbers. I was just wondering if anyone else applies mass and texture to numbers and letters? My numbers and letters are more-so light versus dark values. They aren’t white/black/grey…but…for instance, my a, e and r are the darkest in the alphabet. Very heavy and fuzzy, and almost soggy, like you would be swallowed by them if you were to approach it. Kind of farther away than other letters, but not smaller. If I assigned colors my ‘a’ would be a very dark, kind of blood red, r dark brown, but that’s not necessarily how I *view* it. C is the brightest letter in the alphabet, very crisp and hard. Like sheet metal or something, and you’d bounce off it if you tried to touch it. Whole words also have light/dark values. My name, for instance, is very dark, mainly because of that a in the front. And I have nothing lighter than a medium shade letter in my name. I tried to find if other people feel mass and texture with letters and numbers, but no dice, so I thought I’d ask here. 🙂 When I think of a specific letter or number, it gives me a feeling kind of in my gut, corresponding to how I view the letter, number, word, etc. Anyone?

  • Angie

    I also wanted to add that I don’t see colors when I listen to music, but I feel it in the room. It’s the mass thing again. I guess mine is a sense of weight or something?? Like if I listen to Led Zeppelin, it’s very heavy, kind of weighs/sits on me, but if I listen to Pink Floyd it floats around me, and comes as close to touching me as possible, but doesn’t. The only music that has that effect on me (and not every song of theirs does). I don’t see the music at all or see shapes, I just feel it’s *mass* in the air. Or maybe this is how everyone experiences music?

  • Brooke

    That’s so cool! I told my mom that what she does is a a type of synesthesia. She thought that was pretty cool. Does it get frustrating sometimes? Like when you’re in a loud room or something?

  • Brooke

    My sisters want to know what colors their names are. They refused to quit bugging me until I asked! Their names are Chaia and Rachel.

  • Avery

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if only have OLP counts as actual synesthesia. I mean, I know that I have that for sure but I never see any colors or have any of the other sensory reactions. It just seems like it shouldn’t really be counted.

  • Samantha

    I see music very subtly, but if im alone, i can fall into a full-on trip. Certain instruments have colors for me, too. My number 1-9 have distinct colors and personalities, and names and sounds also have colors for me, but i see sounds better after a music-trip. Sometimes i can taste sound or music

    1- White, lonesome, sad, distant
    2- Pink, smart, intelligent, female, condescending, self-centered
    3- Dark green, young, male, immature, funny, inconsiderate, sweet
    4- Deep Purple, sweet, nice, docile, easily controlled
    5- Candy-Apple red, popular, athletic, funny, sort of mean tastes like strawberry s, female
    6- Beige, perfection, well rounded, female, nice, funny, good
    7- Kelley Green, cynical, intelligent, sarcastic, realist
    8- male, nice, sweet smart interesting, easily push around, 4’s big brother
    9- Sickly Yellow, nasty, mean, jerk, ew, hate hate hate!!

    Love my numbers! do any of you guys share these colors?

  • Diva4Jesus

    To me, numbers are people. Numbers have families, just like we do. Example, the 20’s, the 840’s. The 2’s are the moms. Every Mother’s Day, along with wishing the human moms happy Mom’s Day, I also (under my breath, wish the same to all the numbers ending in 2), the 3’s are the dads. the 1’s are the infants. I won’t mention all the family members, but each number is a sister or brother, odd numbers are male, evens are girls. Also, certain decades have their colors. The 1970’s were yellow-orange and tasted like the ice cream pop that’s orange on the outside with vanilla ice cream filling. The 1980’s were a grey cloudy day, the 1990’s were bright sunny noondays.

  • Krazykk

    Hey fellow synesthetes! I am wondering if this is another effect to my synesthesia (though I know I already have it). Does synesthesia include experiencing books- feeling certain that you are in the setting along with the other characters all along? I read a book about a forest, and I can see it happening all around me. I feel like I’m in the character, and see myself doing everything there. Unlike all who read and say “I can see his feelings so clearly” (stuff like that) I can actually BE there. Is that synesthesia?

  • Samantha Tatum

    Hm. on the book thing, i do not think its a form of aynesthesia. But i do think that synesthetes experience things like books most intensely than people without synesthesia. Thats probably it

  • Samantha

    Im only in junior high myself. I believe that its usually something you are born with, and Ive had my synesthesia ever since i can remember. Lilia to me is lilac and pink

  • Indigo

    I want Synesthesia so bad! i have something kind of like mar but i don’t think it is really Synesthesia. I wish wish wish i had it! !’m only 11 is it possible to grow into it? what do you see 4 LILA my name! 😉

  • Indigo

    Too bad. But it makes sense that you are born with it. What type do you have? my favorite is when you see shapes and colors in sound.

  • Samantha

    Ha well if you scroll up you can see information about my colors.. but i recently (after testing a tweaking and researching)found out that i also have projected music. I thought my eyes were just bad haha!

  • Indigo

    What is projected music? 😮

  • Samantha

    Associative numbers are when instead of seeing a color when you look at a number, you associate it automatically in you head. (e.g., when you see water you think -> blue, if its blue, that is) The same with music. Sounds for instruments i associate in my head, but music (when im concentrating) i can see projected out in front of me, It is a sort of blurry shapes and things. Sounds have that for me to, but very faintly. Unless i’m really emotionally charged, then so is my synesthesia.

  • Indigo

    Oh wow- your lucky. Does anyone else in your family have Synesthesia?

  • Samantha

    My father has number form and number-color synesthesia. The difference is his actually helps him with math.

  • Indigo

    But how does his help Him? I would think it would make it harder.

  • Samantha

    He just has the colors, not the personalities. He can look at an algebra problem and come up with the color before the number just by doing so wacky thing with his head XD i don’t understand it, since i have the “These numbers DO NOT like each other” thing.



  • Web Nightingale

    Lila is kind of yellow to me, a beautiful color btw!

    And Chaia is yellow-gray. Rachel is kinda Red.

    Hey welcome everybody!
    Avery, YES, having OLP fully counts as synaesthesia. Cool, isn’t it?
    Krazykk, actually, that is the way many people describe the reading experience, so it’s not considered as synesthesia. Anyway, keep looking for it! Maybe you have another sort of syn without realizing it XD

  • Krazykk

    Web Nightingale- I have been doing research on this certain feeling, and, so far, it is. Sorry for my meek description (I am terrible at describing things)- after reading my own comment above, I know it sounds like people say when they read a good book. But mine is really different. Thanks though XD!!! Do numbers really have personalities to everyone? I think 8 is nice, while 11 is stubborn. I can’t see how anyone could go through life without seeing these things.

  • Samantha

    In know how you feel.. i thought it was some sort of thing everyone did subconsciously, so i didn’t bring it up because i felt childish… But apparently its another abnormal synesthesia quirk XD

  • Aisling

    I’m 25 and I just found out this is considered a condition! My boyfriend had read about it in an interview with the singer Marina and the Diamonds and sent me on a wikipedia link saying what a cool condition it was. I had to read it over and over because I was thinking ‘that’s not a condition at all, that’s how everyone thinks’!…until he told me it isn’t! I seem to have the most common one, associating letters, days of the week and months with colours. I did the online text on – the battery test. Does anyone know if this is the most conclusive way of testing? I’ve found it pretty funny over the past few days to see other people’s synesthetic alphabets! I definitely agree that A is very much a red colour. I’ve seen other people who perceive it as yellow and I’m thinking ‘that’s all wrong’!

  • Web Nightingale

    Well, actually the sinaesthesia battery is just a help, is not conclusive, and even some of our colours can’t find equivalents on that test’s tools.
    So you have it, isn’t that cool???
    And does your letters also have personality?
    Check it up, you may have a surprise 😀
    BTW i strongly reccomend you to visit the nexus, is the better synaesthete’s community i’ve found around the world.

  • Aisling

    Okay great, thanks so much for the advice! I know, I have to say I’m humbled by the revelation, it’s so inconceivable to me not to be able to think in this way, but now that I’m aware of it, it seems like such a nice way to be able to think!

  • Lawrence

    Hi again Brooke, I completely agree with Web Nightingale: Chaia is yellow-grey and Rachel is a kind of red!

    A is definitely red, Aisling.

  • Emily

    I read a book called : A mango shaped Space and that helped me realize what I had love that book. It is cool

  • Emma

    I wish I had it it sounds so cool

  • meezle

    i recently noticed that pain has color too. a headache ranges from pink to orange and a toothache is green. anyone else have this?

  • Natasha

    I, like it seems many others, didn’t realize that this is something exclusive. I have just always done this, and assumed everyone else did to. To find out that it’s something unique and rare, I felt kind of privileged. 🙂

  • ali

    hey guys.
    i too just recently read A Mango Shaped Space and it is by far my favourite book.
    i also recently figured out that my condition had a name, and that i wasn’t actually insane. I always thought that everyone saw the world like this, and thats why people didn’t bring it up ever, because it was normal.
    However my colours changed yesterday…im not entirely sure what happened but i did encounter something rather…paranormal with my best friend. After a few minutes, i realized that my colours were gone. i was terrified, i never experienced life without them. they did come back a few hours later, but very very different. my numbers have the same personalities still (thank god) but my letters are all…different. they just seem wrong to me. if anyone has any information on that i would greatly appreciate it.
    thank you

  • Web Nightingale

    Hi all! How you doing?

    Ali, i’m sorry to hear that, it must be terrible or, at least, very hard. I’ve lost my colours once, and i know how it feels. But about changing colors, i remember myself reading somewhere some person’s case, who after having something big going on in her life, realized her colours had changed, too.
    Maybe (and just may be) the impression or the scare (i don’t know) was so big that make you change.
    BTW it was something common in synnies who experienced PTS after the 9/11 in USA.

  • Carol

    Hi, I finally found this website because I’ve heard about this before but now it’s happening, but not the same as I’ve read here.

    I don’t get this unless I’m reading at night (because books are my sleeping pills). When I’m reading the print starts to change to a different color, sometimes one color, sometimes a different color, depending on the night. Sometimes the print stays black but all the page around it goes a color.

    Is this in any way the same?


  • Samantha

    Oh, well i have very very faint colors in the light, so i never really noticed them. For me, they are always very vibrant in the dark, just look around you when it’s light and there might be faint hues.

  • Carol

    Samantha, are you speaking of auras around objects? I do when it’s light. Also when it’s dark it’s not completely dark to me, it seems to be a lighter color than to alot of other people, but it’s not like I can see in the dark any better.

    Also, do ya’ll ever stare at tile (or some geometric design) and bring it up to your eyes as close as you want? Maybe I just need a good shrink, lol.

  • Samantha

    Honestly, it could be anything. My syns are the one kind of thing I’ve never completely understood 😛

  • Irene

    We both see 1, O and I as white/clear! That’s about it though…I don’t know why everyone thinks A is red and C is yellow, for me it’s definitely the other way around!!

  • Mia

    I just found out that I have synesthesia yesterday when one of my teachers told us about how she found out her 6 year old daughter has it. I am 16. I always thought that all the colors and textures were normal. Does anyone have any good info about it for me? Thanx.

  • Lea

    Hello, I am a high school student and I find synesthesia very interesting. I have chosen to do a 3 year study on it for a class called science research. Is there any information anyone could give me to help me out with my research? I think I would like to study the connections between sounds and color or sound and visuals.
    -thank you so much

  • Rebecca

    My daughter has this. she says that Chaia is a brown/yellow and Rachel is purple. Love is pink, hate is red, prayer is brown, care is white with light blue. I think that those of you who have a little bit of these experiences still have Synesthisia. There are just differing degrees of it. When my daughter would read some of your letters/colors, she would say, “Not even close” Or “A has to be red!” But I think it is great that things can be whatever color you see. Just because you see a different color than someone else, does not mean you don’t have Synesthesia or that someone else is wrong. The more I learn about this, the more I love it. My daughter is thinking about doing a Science Fair project on this. Would any of you be willing to help her out if she decides to? She is thinking about making up a questionaire for people. We have had a lot of fun reading through these comments. I have found out a lot about my daughter that I never knew before. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. 🙂

  • Rebecca

    By the way, my name is red! 🙂

  • Samantha

    Rebecca is red/orange for me.

  • Aaron

    I just discovered that I’m a synesthete this year. I was surprised; I had thought everyone was like me. I’m not an projected synesthete, sadly. I wish I was, I just have associated synesthesia.
    At first I just thought I had grapheme-color synesthesia, but then I also realized I associate shapes, weekdays, and months with colors. I also associate numbers with objects and animals, and personalities with numbers. Does anyone know what those types are called?

    P.S. I also realized recently that I can do something else. If I see any shade or color, I can sort of come of with a number that best represents it. I almost, like, blend numbers to get different colors. For example, neon green might be 70127, and dark green might be 764748. Does anyone else do this? Because for virtually every color, there is a number that fits it in my world. I arrange the digits to get the right color.

  • Princess

    I see numbers and letters as colors. I wish I could taste sound, that sounds really interesting. Or see moods in color.
    A is definitely red :P.

  • Rebecca

    My daughter is definatly doing a science fair project on synesthesia. Are any of you willing to help by letting her know what color your alphabet has? She needs to know the color of each letter. And she needs to know by Nov. 1st. Thank you for your help. 🙂

  • Lawrence

    Rebecca, I’ve got colours for most of the letters:-

    A – red, B – orangey brown, C & O – white, D – orange, F & H – brown, G & S – yellow, I & R – dark blue, J & M – light blue, K – black, N – dark bluey green, Q – pink, T – green, U, V, W and Y – pale yellow.

  • Aaron

    Here’s my alphabet. I have colors for all the letters. Sorry for the long post.

    A=Light blue
    C=Dark sea green
    D,E,F,G= Green(Yeah, I know, a lot of greens)
    Q=light purple
    S=green or blue. Depends on the pronunciation.
    W=light purple
    Y=off-white, yellow
    Z=Light purple

    Here are the colors I associate with numbers, if you were wondering. 1=white, 2=yellow, 3=dark sea green, 4=brown, 5=orange, 6=light blue, 7=green, 8=purple, 9=red, 0=white/gray.

  • Conor Millard

    Dear Mr. Nee,

    I have been creating a multimedia report on synesthesia for an online class via Virtual High School. I found an image on your website that I think would greatly enhance my project and help me to more clearly communicate the concept of synesthesia. May I please use this image,, for my report? This image would be used solely for educational purposes, and would not be released to the general public, nor would I profit. I respect and appreciate your work in this field of psychology and I would be happy to cite your website as my source. Thank you for considering my request.


    Conor Millard

  • Hey Conor – go for it – feel free to use the image.

  • Allison MacLachlan

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Allison MacLachlan and I am a graduate student in the Science Writing program at MIT. I’m working on a magazine-type feature on synesthesia, and I am looking for help!

    I would really love to get in touch with a couple people who experience synesthesia. I am looking to get a sense of what it is like, and how it plays out in everyday life. I am especially interested in people with synesthesia who are also artists in one way or another.

    Please let me know if you would be willing to exchange a couple of e-mails or talk by phone – my e-mail is

    Thanks very much!


  • Zadatti

    Hello i see colors for letters too. A is definatly red. I also have colored hearing. Like a tv going on is yellow spirals

  • Julie :)

    Hello everyone 🙂
    I have had color-letter/number synethesia my whole life, but i thought it was normal! over the weekend i read a mango-shaped space, where i reazlied that…. it isn’t normal, and something that has been there all my life is an actual condition! I’m in highschool, and i feel like a bit of a freak. I told a few of my friends, but they looked at me like I was crazy. I confided in my beloved english teacher; she finds it fascinating and says that I’m unique that way. 🙂 it made me feel a little better but I wish that I could know someone else that has this so i can talk about it with them. Sure, i tell my parents but they don’t understand what I mean…. Can I talk to you, my other fellow synnies? 🙂 i find it interesting that some words are solid colors, like “Monday” (red) and others are blended, like “members” (purple then blends into blue with a hint of light green) does this happen for anyone else?

  • Julie :)

    Hello everyone 🙂
    I have had color-letter/number synethesia my whole life, but i thought it was normal! over the weekend i read a mango-shaped space, where i realizied that…. it isn’t normal, and something that has been there all my life is an actual condition! I’m in highschool, and i feel like a bit of a freak. I told a few of my friends, but they looked at me like I was crazy. I confided in my beloved english teacher; she finds it fascinating and says that I’m unique that way. 🙂 it made me feel a little better but I wish that I could know someone else that has this so i can talk about it with them. Sure, i tell my parents but they don’t understand what I mean…. Can I talk to you, my other fellow synnies? 🙂 i find it interesting that some words are solid colors, like “Monday” (red) and others are blended, like “members” (purple then blends into blue with a hint of light green) does this happen for anyone else?

  • Aaron

    Is it considered synesthetic if you realize something? Like, for example, I never really thought about it, but when I did, I realized why I like the number 37. It reminds me of swirls of blue, white, silver, and yellow, and it sort of reminds me of wind chimes. I also realized that, though 14 and 7 have the same color, 14 reminds me of swaying grass, but 7 doesn’t. Does that count?

  • Lawrence

    Julie, what you see is very common to us synaesthetes. I see blue for Monday. Maybe you see red because it’s the first colour of the spectrum and also the first day of the week.

    Aaron, you have synaesthesia – and a multi-layered version of it, too!

  • indigo

    what if you have thing that a number or letter reminds you of colors but arent REALLY colors? and i can look at a marker or crayons color and it has a gender and personality. is this synthesetic?

  • indigo

    what r some books about synthesia? ( other than mango shaped space.)

  • indigo

    what if things remind you of other things like
    parents talking = tall buildings
    my teacher = spilt honey
    and so on

  • Gale

    Heya. I really wish I had synesthesia. I know you’ve heard that a lot by now. I have a friend who I’m pretty sure has it. She can see the color of a person. Like I’m yellow 🙂 Though she told me she doesn’t see it all the time… Also, if I think about it, I could decide what colors went with each letter or number or object. Tell me seriously now (I don’t want to be lied to… I want to know your honest opinion) (and yes, I know youstill get this a whole lot but sheesh it’s awesome people want to know if they qualify) would that count as synesthesia?

    • Sofia

      Synesthesia is involuntary so if you have to think about it, it is probably not synesthesia.

  • Ann

    Wow, I actually never thought of the color of pi.. And I can’t see anything for that. I once told my friend that her name is turquoise blue and she thought I was crazy. People think I’m just being funny when I say stuff like that.

  • Mitch

    Hi guys. I’m in high school and I need information on synesthesia for a research paper. Can any of you tell me more about this disease? It would help incredibly. (Considering that it is worth 40% of my grade.) Thanks!

  • Katie

    hey all fellow synesthetes and nonsynesthetes please answer asap! this is for a report and i gotta compare everyone.YES THIS INVOLVES PPL WITHOUT SYNESTHESIA! please do the following (there is no required order):
    1)take warm bath with bubbles
    2)lie facedown on bed, gradually add music
    3)read exerpts from romance, political, and action books, gradually adding music
    do all these please write detailed notes on any sensations, if nothing happens please still write back to me thanks guys!

  • Krazykk

    hey guys i was wondering is this normal if my capital letter A is different in color from lowercase a? a is yellow but for A, the top half is yellow down to where you cross the A, and under it is blue. 13 and 4 are stubborn and 8 and 5 are the nicest of the 1 digit numbers-they are really good natured

  • Anna


    I have the exact same experiences as you do. Not only do I have colors and personalities for number, letters, days, months, etc., but for me objects also have personality. Any object, like a phone, a picture frame, a tree, etc. When I was little I played with my fingers and with markers like they were people, because for me they had just as much personality as dolls did. And yes, the color of the pen influenced their personalities. Also, you’re the only other person I’ve seen who also associates things with other things. The “F” word = ice cubes (don’t ask me why…), and certain people have objects associated with them, such as my friend = oven.

  • Indigo

    I also associate times of the day with colors. Like 10:40 is olive green. But the names Toby, Oliver, and David are also that color. Also groups of numbers like 89 are purple blueish. But those #s separately I can’t tell which is purple and which is blue. Is that weird?

  • I didn’t know I have “this condition” Until I was 30 years old, reading “Speak, Memory” by Nabokov. In the book he describes this phenomena, as he has it too, and states the name “synesthesia”. I relate colors to numbers and letters. It makes it easy to memorize phone numbers :-). My kids have it too.

  • Kendall

    If your numbers and letters have personalities and only a few have colors, do you still have synethesia??? Because my six is magenta and my A is light blue like the sky in the summer. Ive always thought I was crazy, but reading these, I guess not. BTW I read “A mango shape space” Greatest book ever. I love Wendy Mass!! People with synethesia should definatly read it. I think it will help you understand yourself a little more. (:

  • Lori

    I definitely hear flavors, but it is associative, not projective synesthesia i.e. I’m not drowned out by music in my head when I eat, I just can easily describe my food as chords. It’s interesting because I don’t always have the audio vocabulary to express what I’m taste-hearing, but some things are SUPER obvious (one wine was very clearly an F#/G flute trill in the 2nd octave above middle C. The tea I’m drinking is an E6 chord, either piano or guitar).

    I didn’t even know there was a name for this until about a month ago. It seems like my specific synesthetic connection is kind of rare. Does anyone else hear food?

  • Gabby

    Hey guys!!!
    I FRICKEN LUV YALL ALREADY! I think i MAY be synethetic, and i have done a bit of research on it ever schince i read “A Mango Shaped Space”. ((Love da book, ya’ll gotta read it!)) Anyways, my numbers have personalities, genders, relationships and colors. Like, for example, 6 is a girl, she is a dark olive-green, and is BFF with 8, who is a lighter green than her. Now, 8 secretly likes 7, and vise-versa, but 8 would NEVER tell 6 that because 7 is 6’s older brother!! When i read “A Mango-Shaped S

  • Gabby

    ((Sorry about that, i accidentally sent my comment too eirly!)) … “A Mango-Shaped Space”, i was all “Man, i wish i had synesthesia!” but then, as i got farther into the book, Mia said that some people with synesthesia have number personalities! After almost dying of over-excitment, i decided to learn more.
    I dont see the colors in my face, but in my head it only makes sense that they have those colors and personalities. Would be great if ya’ll could tell me if im synesthetic! 😉
    Stay Colorful,
    (P.S, could someone tell me what color my name is? I would really appriciate it!!! 🙂 )

    • Sofia

      You are probably synesthetic. If you see it in your head then you are an associator and if it is projected out of your head then you are a projector. About 2 in 100 synesthsetes are projectors. Your name is a really deep purple.

      • Persimmon

        Kind of light green with a really sudden hot pink spike near the beginning… that’s from the “a” in your name which I perceive as red.
        I’d say you are… but I don’t perceive personalities, thank god. That sounds like it would bother me.
        Did you like the book? I was reading it too, and I was thinking “Oh this sounds so cool” but I was kind of correcting the book, just going like “No no no that is NOT right”

  • Gabby

    Oohhh! I forgot to say that days have colors too!
    Monday: royal blue
    Tuseday: lime green
    Wednessday: faded sunflower yellow
    Friday: fire truck red
    Saturday: bright neon yellow
    Sunday: mild yellow/ sometimes white
    ((Pss, i heard that most synesthetics are fab artists! I LOVE ART personally, but idk about u guys 😉 stay colorful!))

  • Michaela

    Hi, i just read A Mango Shaped Space is a grest book!! I dont have syn. but i really want to. It sounds soooo cool! Can anyone tell me what color my name is its Michaela its pronounced Ma- Kayla. 🙂

  • Michaela

    Hi my name is Michaela. I dont have synesthsia but it sounds awesome. I read a mango shaped space and it was a wonderful book. Can anyone tell me what color my name is and the letters to it. Thanks 🙂

  • tk2y

    i think my synesthesia has faded over the past couple years. i only really notice it when i am tired or stressed. or maybe i’m just so used to it now! either way, i’m quite glad to have it.

  • eli

    im 11 years old and i read “a mango shaped space” last year. my numbers have genders and personalitys and i think the year i a straight up line with august at the top and september at the bottom. i don’t associate letters with color though, nor do i see sounds. do i have synesthesia?

    • Synesthesia Lover

      Yep that is synesthesia. Most forms of synesthesia have something to do with color but not all of them do. I have the same thing with a year too!

  • Ebrahim

    I’m ebrahim, I’m writing short movie about synesthesia, so I need some information about it, like:
    when the symptoms appear?”age”
    is it genetic?
    can anyone have it? I heard if someone had accident on some certain place on brain possibly can have it?
    who can I council, nerve specialist or eyes specialist?
    waiting fro your answer

  • Gabby

    Generally blue and red
    Individual letters: Blue, blue, green,brown, red, red/orange, yellow, red 🙂

  • Snowpea

    I was sitting an English exam when I realized the article was talking about me. I was very exited to know the “condition” I had since I was very young had a name to it. I always associated numbers with colours, some letters, week days and people have colours too!! I don’t mean skin colours, for example my daughter is pale yellow and my son is dark brown. When I think about it more, the pain has colours too!! When I had an operation for my pneumothorax and the doctors were inserting the needle into my chest, the pain was almost unbearable but my head was filled with colours. Black background with jet of orange mixed with yellow and gold shooting from the root of my neck…well it’s very hard to explain. But I think I had stronger colour association when I was younger…

  • Candice

    Hey guys. I have had synesthesia all my life and I just found out what it is recently. When I listen to music I see a bunch of these colors and geometrical shapes. Different instruments have different patterns, shapes and colors. Also, from time to time different flavors allow me to see different colors as well, but it’s usually very subtle. I’ve always been home schooled and now that I’m going to public school, I’m afraid of people thinking I’m a weirdo. No one else in my family has synesthesia and I figured I could use some wise words from people who know what they are talking about. If anyone could give me some advice it would be very helpful.

    • Indiglow

      Synesthesia affects every part of my life, but I didn’t find out about there being different types of synesthesia until recently. Sound is my strongest trigger as well. I’ve been a musician for close to 20 years, and when I make music the base creates mountains on the floor of varying color, height, sharpness, softness and smell, and create something of a polarity like gravity that makes the space above the bass feel like an almost painful vacuum that the treble relieves, feeling almost like sun on a cold day. When I enter a warehouse or other large space I literally have trouble seeing because the echoes become too thick to see through like a mirage. Harsh spikes of static or white noise I visually see as flower-petal-like crystalline spikes radiating outward from a center and stabbing through my head, while tonally warm sounds literally feel like sun warmth coursing through my body and charging me like a battery.

  • Dori

    Hi all synesthesia people! I found out I had this in grade 5, now I’m just finishing grade 6. I’m glad I found this website, cause there are so many people with synesthesia and it looks like this has been going on for quite a while. I am so glad there are people my age that have it to! The first time I realized I had it was when I read a mango shaped space by Wendy mass. My A is definitely red and 2 is calm quiet and lout blue. Hope to get a response from some one cause I feel so alone; I’m sure I’m the only one in my town to have synesthesia!!!

    • Synesthesia lover

      I am in 6th grade too and I found out I have synesthesia from reading a mango shaped space! I asked all my friends and I even asked my extremely nice science teacher and I haven’t found anyone that I know that has synesthesia! No one in my family has it either. I asked everyone.

  • Dori

    Sorry about my spelling! I didn’t mean lout I meant light! Hahaha!
    P.S. I’m on my iPod!

  • Dori

    Machaela is a deep purple with a tinge of orange and teal, it is really pretty!

  • Steve

    Was reading an article last night and for the first time in my life, realized that not everyone has this….mind blowing. I dont associate colors, maybe because Im a guy, idk, but I have always associated genders and personalities to numbers, letters and some objects. I did a quick family survey this morning and so far only my cousin Susan and I have it (she does colors and genders). She says its because we are geniuses, I say we are both slightly retarded..}

    My question is this: Does anyone else think silverware has genders? To me, knives and forks are male and spoons are female. Spatulas are male, eggbeaters are female etc.

    Also a couple of odd things to compare…the number 0 has no gender for me, but the number 1 is totally male. If I put them together to make the number 10 tho, it is female. Also the number 11 becomes female by combining 2 male chars….weird.

  • Monica

    hey everyone i think i have it. me and my friend always have a discussion about the letters
    a is pale yellow
    b is rusty brown
    c is orange
    d is bright yellow and so on. my name is red with red with of green stripes. what is my name to you its Monica

  • Atiya C

    I have synesthesia. It’s rather weak, but I associate colors with personalities and even genders (For example, mustard yellow is tough, rude, blunt, and male.)

  • Kayla

    Hey, I got a question for you Synesthetes 🙂
    If a letter is already colored(Let’s say A is colored blue, but you usually see A’s as red) does the A still show up as red? Or does it show up as blue? Or a combination of the two (like a Purple-y color)?

    • HarukaBlack

      No. Not for me at least. If i see a 7 (which is green) printed as blue, i don’t see teal. It is and always will be green. Bright grassy green. No exceptions. That’s why 75 is so pretty. 7 is grassy green and 5 is sky blue. I love my numbers because of their rainbow effect in my mind…hope this was helpful

  • Caleb

    I have time-Space synesthesia (a rarer form), grapheme, smells and sounds have color too.

    My friend has mirror touch and two of my friends have OLP synesthesia! OLP is the personalities one.

  • $pArtA

    Hey guys whats up?? I found out about synesthesia when I was reading AMSS and I can’t believe not everyone has this! I have the personality-letter-word kind, and color-word. And my words have a texture to them, is that synesthesia too? I’ve experienced color loss before, its so dark!! My kitty died (named Luna, not Mango) and I felt so weird, there was no color in my life! I thought it was for permanent but I was thinking of AMSS and how she lost her kitten and got her colors back (it was a kinda weird coincidence actually 030 )
    Monday-If you abbreviate it (Mon.) it looks kinda yucky yellowish, like an old banana or something, otherwise its a baby blue with yellow speckles. Monday is round, easygoing
    Tuesday-a lightish blue. personality is sharp and aggressive
    Wednesday-lazy, doesnt care, purple
    Thursday- abbreviation (Thurs.) is dark foresty green, but the full word is dark but not as dark, fun and spunky (best word I can come up with!)
    Friday-red,leader, stubborn
    Saturday-darker yellow (especially the s!) -mix- orange and tough, a little bumpy(ish? more blunt)
    Sunday-pale yellow, sweet and caring, soft
    I think the days are more yellow because of the s’s (s is a dandelion yellow but it changes shades in other words)
    is this synesthesia too or am I just strange? 030 and as far as I know no one in my family has it (but I don’t know for sure) so is it hereditary or what?
    THANKS and KEEP IT REAL (and colorful)!

  • tk2y

    Steve–I totally agree with you about silverware having genders! Crazy! Also, my fingers have genders. Numbers also have personality for me, and letters, numbers, music, and smells all have color.

  • Shasta

    Numbers and letters have color as do days of the weeks and years and even certain states and cities have color. I came upon synthesia accidentally. I’ve had it all my life and I’m 55 years old. I didn’t know this was a “condition” or a disorder. I thought everyone was like this.

  • Faith

    Hey guys. I recently found out that synesthesia is an actual disease that I have. I’m relieved that I’m not insane, but I’m afraid of what other people will think. I have a lot of concerns coming into this. Is it scary? Is there anything I can do to have an easier time?

  • Y2kt

    Faith–I found that almost everyone I told thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Those who weren’t totally amazed usually responded with, “Doesn’t everyone do that?” which mean they had it too!  So don’t worry.  You’ll be fine 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The economist wrote an interesting article about Synesthesia – it turns out most people have slight elements of Synesthesia:

  • Alanna

    I just found out I have OLP and number form synesthesia. I thought that everyone thinks the way I do, but it turns out they don’t. When I told my best friend my numbers/letters/months/days of the week have genders and personalities, she told me I was crazy.
    And a few of my numbers have colours. 2 is a bright yellow, 3 is green, 4 is orangy red and 8 is definetely a light baby blue. So I think I might have a mild case of color-number synesthesia.Oh, and can anyone tell me what colour my name looks like to them? My name is Alanna. It seems yellow to me, like the number 2.

    • Abbie

      Yeah, definitely a yellow name

    • Leila Patel

      It’s pretty red to me! (Except for the “l” which is translucent).

      • Leila Patel

        The only thing is that the n’s are clearly darker red than the a’s, which are bright red. I’ve been an associator grapheme-colored synesthete all my life, and I didn’t even realize letters and numbers don’t really have colors in most people’s minds… until now! I feel the colors.

    • Renee

      Green and red.

  • Skylarken

    It bothers me that your N is not purple, and your S is not yellow. I tend to associate shapes with letters as well, and O is a square and J is a triangle with a zig-zag border. I can only hear colors with sounds for one song: Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. It is a purplish-mauve.
    Jane (light pink, but with a purple N of course!)

  • Bayjay

    These colors are NOT what my cousins and I  see but it is so cool to see another persons opinion on these letters.

  • Bayjay

    A=red B=blue C=yellow D=purple…

    P.S. until I saw this I just assumed everyone thought like that oh man so weird finding out different 

  • Learning_to_fly

    I don’t have the colour thing (wish I did) but my letters all have genders and personalities and relationships with each other. For instants E is a shy female, who is picked on by G the bitchy, cheerleader type who’s dating H the slightly slow jock type and so on. I also agree with the silverware thing, knives are males (arrogant, tough but misunderstood), spoons are females (her personalities sort of hard for me figure out..) and forks are also male (nerdy, nice) and there has always been in my mind a love triangle between the three of them.
    I told this to my friend once and she told me I way crazy, I was so relieved when I found out I wasn’t alone.

  • Rising Colors

    I was very lucky because when i was younger i asked my best friend who, happened to have olp like me (but i did not know what olp even was back then) what she thought a was like. She said she thought a was young and sweet. Later on i read a book called A Mango Shaped Space Space, which is a book about a girl with synethesia (but not olp) and she met some other people who have it and they were arguing over what 80 was. I was shocked when i read that, i thought everyone gave numbers and letters personalities. So i asked my mom if she did and she gave me a look and said no. turns out my dad does and i got it from him. So…later i asked my other friend if she did and she said “no! only babies do that”. That really hurt me, and she did not even know it.

  • Lunarfall12

    I’ve been watching an anime…’s about a girl named Canaan who uses her synthesia ablitiies for combat; for example her enemies appear to her as blue….I think it’s amazing that there are different perspectives of this world and most people can’t see them. You all have different types of synthesia, and that’s what makes you special:) I kind of wish I had it…my memory is not that great and synthesia would probably help with that. I was wondering if you could tell me more about your experiences? I want to explore the world and all people who have the different view points. Canaan is what got me interested in it….I wonder how she uses it for combat in the series…..

    • Persimmon

      Well, I see colors with sounds. I now have to focus to see them really… I guess over time I blocked them out because I can hear EVERYTHING.

      Some letters and numbers are colored… they all are but some are a lot stronger than others. Like 8 is very dark purple and o is yellow fading into orange. No personalities or anything. Words are colored too, like bicycle is turquoise green.
      I have colored taste too. I’ve always loved lemons because they taste sky blue and white striped and sky blue is my favorite color. Some foods are the weirdest colors though…
      I hope this helped you 🙂

  • Didem666

    Hi :)I wonder how you see the mames that already have colors for exmanple for you m is purple but in MC DONALDS it is yellow so I’m very curious about it searches the web but I couldn not find the answer if you can help me I’ll be glad 🙂 thank you in advance have a colurful day…

  • Loosiemagoosie

    Trust me, Tennesse is yellow and I have never even come close to it LOL. I never gave it a second thought. I may not agree with all colors bc we are all unique, but it is amazing how close we are. E is darker to me, but the state spelled is yellow and the e is yellow as a word. weird. I never thought of this as anything until my AOL page this week. I have had this for my life.

    • Persimmon

      To me Tennessee is yellowish-green… weird.

      • Leila Patel

        I totally agree! I think there’s just a smudge of red and pink added in though

    • Renee

      I always thought of Tennessee as orange.

  • Hey guys, i have this visualisation of blends of colours in my mind when i lisyen instrumentals…. Is there a category for this thing????

    • Michael Young

      You may enjoy Oliver Sack’s book titled, Musicophilia.
      In it, he describes many similar experiences.

  • Indiglow

    Being a synesthete I’m constantly looking for signs of it in others, and when I think someone is synesthetic I ask them about it and try to learm more about how it affects others, how common some of my “symptoms” are and whatnot. In doing this I’ve noticed a pattern: Every single person I’ve met who has any marked degree of synesthesia have been an exceptionally kind, altruistic and open person. Can anyone give some perspective on this?

    • Persimmon

      Most people think I’m a jerk and kinda shy… which I am pretty shy but not really a jerk.
      So not everybody 🙂

  • kyky

    i really want to find out what color my name is! but because i am not a synesthete it is OK if you do not want to respond

    • Myrida

      Plum purple with canary yellow smudges.

      • Persimmon

        The K is kind of blue… so it’s like a little blue at the very top then it falls down into very light pink. So like this
        but with colors

    • Abbie


    • Leila Patel

      Your name is light blue and the “l” makes it sort of translucent… and the “ee” gives it this yellowy feel but overall it is light blue (the first letter of any word tends to sort of denote the general color overall for me.) 🙂

    • Renee

      To me it is mostly pink with a little blue.

    • Natalia

      Lavender blended with silver

  • kyky

    opps i forgot to tell you all my name which BTW is Kylee

  • maisha

    i can see the color of alphabets but i dont c them strongly ! but the few alphabets n numbers are strong.. like m=yellow r=red 5=yellow 4=red and i find similarity between numbers n alphabets also..i had left n right prob but now it is better..i didnt know this doesnt happen to anyone so i feel special n i dnt want it to go from

  • Michael Young

    I see letters I’m the alphabet as personalities.

    Like A is a very intelligent, distinguished older lady.
    E is a jerk, male. R and X are similar but not exact.
    J is a really cool, somewhat rebellious younger male.
    M is really strong and smart guy, N is his smart, yet weaker brother.

    I thought I was just weird until I read Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks.

    To me, all letters have a gender and a personality.

  • Persimmon

    I can associate letters/numbers with colors… some it happens naturally but others I have to think what color it is – is this normal?
    I can see music if I focus on the music and not looking at other random objects that I see. I can also see taste which is pretty cool.

  • Persimmon

    My friend with synesthesia and I both run into doors and get stuff in our hair all the time. Is this a thing for synesthetes or not?

  • Aly

    I had synesthesia as a kid, but it faded from when I was 8 until I was about 10. I never told anyone about seeing sounds as a kid, because I hated doctors. Now, I just occasionally miss what people are saying because I just see a flash of color out of the corner of my eye or some other sound to color occurrence. I’m not sure if I actually have another form of synesthesia, but I do see number maps with non-numerical objects when I’m thinking really hard 🙂 and I have an odd propensity to assign personalities to inanimate objects. That’s why I can’t tell, because they aren’t quite the way the syn types work lol
    Any thoughts?

  • Rebecca

    Hello everyone 🙂 My name is Rebecca and although I do not have synesthesia, I am very interested in it. I am a freshman in college and I am doing my research paper on synesthesia. If anyone would be interested in letting me interview them through email, please let me know. Hoping to hear from you!

  • Abbie

    Hi people,

    My synethesia makes me see people and words as colors. Music makes me think of seasons or colors and I think of traits as being a certain color. (this comes in handy in my writing) Being a synesthete was never hard for me because two of my really good friends are synesthetes as well. So if you want to talk about it, you can always talk to me.

  • Abbie

    Hey guys,

    I don’t know if this is a part of synthesia or if it is something else because me and my 2 friends who are also synesthetes have visions of the future sometimes and can sense where things are. Please tell me if anyone else is like this or if it is just a coincidence.

  • Renee

    I’ve always thought of letters, numbers, names, days, and months as having colors. I never thought about it until I read the Secret Series. I took a number of tests and discovered I do have it. It’s really cool, but sometimes it’s weird when I describe things, like, “stop saying that! I hate grey!”


    I have a little color taste and my alphabet and # have personalities

  • Carmen Wingbourough

    helo im carmen and i have both sound/taste and hear/sight synesthesia.ocasionally letters have personalities but not very often.

  • AdamGC

    I have always seen days of the week, months of the year, letters of the alphabet and numbers as positions on curbing lines. Also I see songs more like a line with various positions within the song, although some songs I visualise more creatively (particularly early Pink Floyd). Generally an album will give me the impression of a colour, for example Abbey Road is green, Ummagumma is also dark green, Atom Heart Mother is orange, etc (apologies if you don’t like The Beatles or Floyd!).

    As for the numbers, 1-12 is a clock face, 12-20 run north from the top of the clock, then each set of ten is a clockwise circle moving progressively west and then north from 60 to 100. Beyond that the positions repeat with each set of 100, 1000 or power of ten repeating the same sequence, ie a million is at the six position and a US billion at the 9 position.

  • Hayley Berridge

    Hi there, I’m a graphic design student and currently doing a project on synesthesia. I’m hoping to create a lovely book which brings attention to this fantastic ability, and show people who it’s like to actually have it. If you’d like to be included in the book, just to for example translate some song lyrics to how you hear/ see them be it by colour, shape etc, then just pop me an email on and i’ll let you know more about the project. (You can remain anonymous if you wish) Thank you so much!

  • Rosie Doherty

    I see music notes as people personalities for example you have a light violent E6 personality and I see colors when listen to music and i see people personalities as colored balls in my head also i see movies of my life and everyday life is screen in my movie . do i have time and space Synesthesia ? Color to sound Synesthesia? Graph color Synesthesia? or personality to color? Do i have synesthesia?

  • Cindy VanHatten

    I was wondering what color my name is. It’s Cindy, or Cynthia. I hope someone can tell me what colors they see my name as.