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May 3, 1982

Brendan Patrick Nee is born in La Crosse, WI.

Sept 1987

First day of Elementary School at State Road Elementary in La Crosse, WI.

Sept 10, 1987

Younger brother Devin is born.

May, 1993

Achieved Cub Scout Arrow of Light.

Sept 1993

First day of Middle School at Lincoln Middle in La Crosse, WI.

Aug 1994

Trip to England, France and Finland is first major excursion internationally.

Sept 1994

A massive foot injury leads me to meet my friend Preston.

Aug 1994

Trip to Boundary Waters with Boy Scouts.

Dec 1995

First computer obtained. Compaq 100 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, 1.6 GB.

Sept 1996

First day of High School at Central High School in La Crosse, WI.

Fall 1996

Began to learn HTML and web design by chatting with Chris Staats at Chathouse.com.

Nov 30, 1996

With the help of Chris Staats, the first edition of Brendan’s Tri-Weekly Newsletter is published.

June 1997

Purchased first serious bike, a 1997 Gary Fisher Aquila. Biked nearly every day over summer with Preston. Biggest bike upgrade of the year: LX rear derailleur.

Aug 1997

Incorporated “Pressed-On” cycles and began building and repairing bikes with Preston.

Mar 1998

Purchased a 1998 Gary Fisher Paragon. Sold the parts and kept the frame. Upgraded nearly all parts from the Aquila.

April 1998

Began working part time at Bikes’ Limited in La Crosse, WI. Sales and web design.

Aug 1998

Biked across Wisconsin on SAGBRAW with Preston.

April 1999

School trip to Spain provides first opportunity to speak another language in a real setting.

May 1999

Went to prom with Sarah.

Aug 1999

Biked across Wisconsin again on SAGBRAW with Preston and other friends.

Aug 1999

Fourteen day trip to Philmont in New Mexico with Cord Blomquist and Peter Robinson for backpacking with the Boy Scouts.

May 2000

Went to prom with Sarah for a second time.

May 2000

Attained Eagle Scout Award.

June 2000

Commencement exercises at Central High School in La Crosse, WI.

Sept 2000

First day of classes at Winona State University. Move into Lourdes Hall in Winona, MN as a freshman Composite Materials Engineering Major.

Nov 2000

Became disenchanted with Winona state. Applied to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities for Civil Engineering.

Mar 2001

Obtained 1998 Gary Fisher Supercaliber Frame. Best color scheme in the world.

Mar 2001

First stock purchase. 19 shares of EBAY at $32.33 per share and 18 shares of Cisco at $20.68 per share.

May 2001

Begin employment at the Great River Steamboat Company, operators of the Julia Belle Swain Steamboat in La Crosse, WI. Started as a banquet server, ended as IT manager and web designer.

June 2001

First successful attempt to reformat a computer and reinstall an operating system and programs.

Aug 1, 2001

Saw Radiohead live at Grant Field in Chicago, IL with Sarah Corbisier and Cord Blomquist.

Sept 2001

Began tutoring in math, science, engineering, and music theory at Winona State University.

Oct 2001

First successfully built computer. Athlon 1.6 Ghz, 40 GB, 256 DDR, 19 inch Samsung 950p Monitor.

Jan 2002

Transferred to University of Minnesota Twin Cities as a Civil Engineering Major. Also interested in Architecture. Moved to Minneapolis, MN.

Jan 2002

Hired as a ramp agent at Mesaba Airlines in Minneapolis, MN.

May 2002

Moved to Students’ Coop. Began living cooperatively.

June 2002

Purchased first digital camera. Sony Mavica CD-200 on ebay for $450.00. Began documenting travels.

Oct 2002

Attended second course on Urban Geography. Interest grows in urban planning and urban transit.

Jan 2003

A twenty-two day trip to Europe solo. Learned about travel and heightened interest in urban planning and mass transit.

Jan 2003

Became financial manager of the Students’ Coop.

Apr 2003

Took two classes in architecture. Found them to be less interesting than urban planning.

Spring 2003

Began investigating graduate schools for city planning and civil engineering.

June 6, 2003

Attended the inauguration of the San Francisco BART extension to SFO airport and Milbrae.

Dec, 2003

Graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s in civil engineering.

Jan 1, 2004

Traveled solo to Bangkok for a three week trip around Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Learned to cook Thai food and how to scuba dive.

Jan 20, 2004

First day as a graduate student in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Emphasis in transportation. Began a research project on the value of information to motorists.

Aug 22, 2004

Moved to the Convent student coop in Berkeley, CA. Finally, some nice weather.

Aug 30, 2004

Began classes at UC Berkeley in a dual Master’s program in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in transportation and City and Regional Planning with a transportation emphasis.

Jan, 2005

Started a research position working with Robert Cervero working on a Fourth Year Evaluation of City Carshare.

June, 2005

Three week trip to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Acquired a taste for tailored clothing, pho and ox testicles.

July-Aug, 2005

Internship with Community Design + Architecture. Experienced life in a planning consulting office. Became an expert in Illustrator, In-Design, and West Oakland landuse.

June-August 2006

Internship with Bechtel in London, UK. Worked in project controls engineering on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Project (CTRL). I worked on the section at St. Pancras Station.