List pages in wordpress into a PHP Array

Update: Thanks to Joost in the comments for suggesting the use of get_pages() to accomplish the same thing as what I posted below. He posted the example: $pages = get_pages(‘child_of’ => [[THE PARENT ID]], ’sort_order’ => ‘ASC’); foreach ($pages as $page) { // Do your thang } This seems much better than what I had […]

World Trip 2008

I’m currently on a 5 month trip around the world with my girlfriend Lisa. I’ve finally found enough time to update this blog to point to my trip blog Its got a map of where we’ve been, notes from each place we’ve visited and photos. You can also get the RSS feed or get […]

Automatic wordpress backups to Amazon S3

I use wordpress for many sites, and its really important for me to be able to automatically perform nightly backups of not just the database, but all files including uploads, themes, plugins and the basic wordpress files. I need the ability to revert any file back to a previous version. I found a variety of […]

My New Orleans planning website

Jed and I have found, through attending meetings and conducting interviews, that most people, not surprisingly, are confused by the four planning processes which have occurred or are currently underway in New Orleans since hurricane Katrina.  Also, most people don’t know where they can go to get the final versions of the completed plans, and […]