Building a real-time transit information kiosk with Raspberry Pi

I’ve been playing with raspberry pi a lot lately and managed to make a real-time transit display for my kitchen. This shows the real-time arrival predictions for the transit routes near me, a map of the stops, the weather, and recent tweets from my roommates. It was surprisingly easy to set up, so I’ll post […]

Comparing Transit Agency Map Styles

As part of an update for the AnyStop Android apps that I helped build, I needed to compile samples of many transit agencies system maps. Its interesting to compare the styles between systems: some are refined and detailed, others are just lines. See how many transit agencies you can name just from these map sections.

Analysis of the Berkeley Class Pass

By: Brendan Nee and Courtney Pash Written Dec 3, 2004 Introduction Transit offers numerous benefits to individuals, communities, the environment and employers. Like most commodities, the price can be substantially lower if bought in bulk or as a group. Deep discount group pass programs offer neighborhoods, employers, campuses and other groups the ability to provide […]