Communist Propaganda Signs in Central Vietnam

I put together some of my best shots of communist propaganda billboards in central vietnam. I took most of these photos while on a 10 day trip on the Ho Chi Minh trail via motorcycle. I liked one of these well enough that Lisa and I painted a mural of it in our bathroom.

A picture of me on a giant net is famous on the internets

Update: imgur (where this image was hosted) shows that it had more than 1/4 million views This picture was the 2nd top rated item on with 388 comments and counting. The same picture of me on the net also made it to “Whats Hot” on google reader and it just got dugg with 1400+ […]

Preston Theler – In the right place at the right time

Back when my friend Preston Theler worked at Mesaba Airlines, he was first on the scene when a DC-9 ended up on top of a pushback tug. He snapped a picture (and got cited by the TSA for it). Its now one of the most popular pictures on, which I hear is the most […]