Naive Tweets

Naive Bayes Tweet Classifier in Node.js Naive Tweets is an app that classifies tweets by language using a naive Bayes classifier. Tweets are pulled from the twitter streaming api and classified on the fly. Training the classifier for languages is automated using a list of specified location/language pairs to auto-classify by assumed languaged. For instance, […]


Startup Weekend Winner I had the privilege to join a team in Las Vegas that built ClippPR – the best way to keep track of engagement on all your PR clippings. Over a 54 hour period we built a service that lets anyone track mentions, shortlink traffic, facebook likes and comments on any URL. My […] Who You Met is the fastest and most convenient way to remember people you meet. With Who You Met, you can quickly enter key information and notes about people you’ve met such as their twitter screen name, just as if you were using a notebook. Additional information about a person is automagically retrieved and […]


Zappos Gift Bot By answering a few simple questions, ZiftBot suggests gifts from Zappos product catalog. Using the Zappos API, product videos are played and users can quickly sort through a lot of potential gift ideas. Its a bit like a customized shopping TV channel where you can skip ahead, product by product. The simple […]