My first music purchase since 2000

Today I downloaded the latest Radiohead album, In Rainbows. Unlike all the other albums I’ve obtained since I stopped purchasing compact discs, I purchased this album directly from the artists on their website and downloaded the album directly in just a few minutes rather than from peer-to-peer networks. I chose to pay £5.00, which gives […]

My New Orleans planning website

Jed and I have found, through attending meetings and conducting interviews, that most people, not surprisingly, are confused by the four planning processes which have occurred or are currently underway in New Orleans since hurricane Katrina.  Also, most people don’t know where they can go to get the final versions of the completed plans, and […]

Planning in New Orleans: A First Draft

Written October, 2006 Jed and I finished a draft of our paper for a disaster recovery conference at Texas A&M University. After the conference, we visited Austin, San Antonio and Houston to take in a good slice of Texas life. An Overview of the Unified New Orleans Planning Process provides our analysis of the planning […]