Comparing Transit Agency Map Styles

As part of an update for the AnyStop Android apps that I helped build, I needed to compile samples of many transit agencies system maps. Its interesting to compare the styles between systems: some are refined and detailed, others are just lines. See how many transit agencies you can name just from these map sections.

Facebook Scores – Mashup with google maps, facebook data & census data

I looked at the facebook network for La Crosse, WI, my hometown and was impressed that there are 12,856 people on this network alone. People on facebook can belong to only one regional network at a time, so its likely that most of these users actually live in the La Crosse metro region. The city […]

The true shape of the Midwest- Google Analytics

Maybe for some people who don’t know the midwest as well as I do the google analytics visitor overlay map looks fine. However, the shape of my home state, Wisconsin, is certainly distorted and Michigan is almost unrecognizable. This overlay uses the states boundaries that extend over water. For most states that does not affect […]