Making Prismatic Better (Chrome Extension to Exclude Specific Sources)

I think prismatic is great – its one of the main ways I get my news. ┬áIt pulls in news from sources all over the internet based on my interests and does a great job of finding things I enjoy reading. Check out Prismatic if you haven’t tried it yet. However, I’ve found there are […]

How to get kids into Computer Science (take them to Google)

Last summer I taught a class on introduction to programming to high school students through the LEAD Program. This was the inaugural LEAD Computer Science Institute at UC Berkeley. The program aims to get promising minority high school students (rising 10th and 11th graders) interested in computer science through an intense, focussed 3 week program. […]

Naive Tweets

Naive Bayes Tweet Classifier in Node.js Naive Tweets is an app that classifies tweets by language using a naive Bayes classifier. Tweets are pulled from the twitter streaming api and classified on the fly. Training the classifier for languages is automated using a list of specified location/language pairs to auto-classify by assumed languaged. For instance, […]

Hacker School Project Visualization

Github projects in D3 I wanted to know what other Hacker Schoolers were working on, what their experience was pre- and post-hacker school and also what languages they were using. I created the Hacker School Project Visualization to answer these questions. To make it simple for everyone to download, test and fork, all the code […]

Where is BART

Transit Location Visualization BART’s realtime API doesn’t provide realtime location of trains, but using estimated arrival times and known travel times between stops I developed a realtime map visualization of all trains in the BART system. Trains are color coded by destination, and data is refreshed every 15 seconds. The map assumes normal operating conditions […]


Indonesian Census Website Through a project sponsored by USAID, I worked with a team in Indonesia to build visualizations of newly collected census data for the city of Solo, Indonesia. It was the first time that fine-grained data had been collected in this city of half a millon people. I worked with the team to […]


Startup Weekend Winner I had the privilege to join a team in Las Vegas that built ClippPR – the best way to keep track of engagement on all your PR clippings. Over a 54 hour period we built a service that lets anyone track mentions, shortlink traffic, facebook likes and comments on any URL. My […]

Realtime BART Display

Realtime Transit Display One way to make transit more attractive to choice riders is to supply better transit information. I built a simple, attractive site that lets users create a realtime arrival display for any BART station using BART’s API. It shows realtime arrival information for all lines serving that station, BART service announcements, the […] Who You Met is the fastest and most convenient way to remember people you meet. With Who You Met, you can quickly enter key information and notes about people you’ve met such as their twitter screen name, just as if you were using a notebook. Additional information about a person is automagically retrieved and […]


Walking tours of any city, generated on the fly asks the user for a location and then generates a walking tour that visits up to 8 points of interest nearby. Walksy works for any point in the United States and Canada. If the start point is within San Francisco, the points of interest come […]


Zappos Gift Bot By answering a few simple questions, ZiftBot suggests gifts from Zappos product catalog. Using the Zappos API, product videos are played and users can quickly sort through a lot of potential gift ideas. Its a bit like a customized shopping TV channel where you can skip ahead, product by product. The simple […]


Travel Mode Trip Comparison When deciding what transportation mode to use for a trip, it’s important to consider all costs and options. compares cost, time and distance for all possible transportation modes for any two points. Using Google Maps API, YQL and published transportation rates it provides an overview of which route is best […]

How to use Google Maps 8-bit tiles in your own project

Its easy to use the tiles from Google’s 8-bit April Fools day map in your own project. Previously, I outlined a relatively simple way to use the transit layer in your own map. You can use the same technique to pull the 8bit map tiles. You can see a live example of this on […]