Where is BART

Transit Location Visualization BART’s realtime API doesn’t provide realtime location of trains, but using estimated arrival times and known travel times between stops I developed a realtime map visualization of all trains in the BART system. Trains are color coded by destination, and data is refreshed every 15 seconds. The map assumes normal operating conditions […]


Indonesian Census Website Through a project sponsored by USAID, I worked with a team in Indonesia to build visualizations of newly collected census data for the city of Solo, Indonesia. It was the first time that fine-grained data had been collected in this city of half a millon people. I worked with the team to […]


Walking tours of any city, generated on the fly Walksy.com asks the user for a location and then generates a walking tour that visits up to 8 points of interest nearby. Walksy works for any point in the United States and Canada. If the start point is within San Francisco, the points of interest come […]


Bicycle Routing Engine Bikesy.com is an innovative and open bike mapping system specially designed to find flat, safe, and fast bike routes anywhere in the SF Bay Area. The routing engine is based on graphserver, an open-source python multimodal trip planner. The underlying map data is from OpenStreetMap, with elevation data from USGS. I worked […]


Travel Mode Trip Comparison When deciding what transportation mode to use for a trip, it’s important to consider all costs and options. Modepick.com compares cost, time and distance for all possible transportation modes for any two points. Using Google Maps API, YQL and published transportation rates it provides an overview of which route is best […]