Walking tours of any city, generated on the fly

Walksy.com asks the user for a location and then generates a walking tour that visits up to 8 points of interest nearby. Walksy works for any point in the United States and Canada. If the start point is within San Francisco, the points of interest come from a curated database that I created powered by Google fusion tables. Its based on my personal favorite items that I would include in a walking tour. If the start point is elsewhere, the Google places API is queried to find interesting nearby points.
The points are then passed to Google Maps API as waypoints and an optimized walking route is displayed. Pictures for points of interest are pulled from the Yelp API along with ratings. Turn by turn directions are available as well as Google Streetview for each stop. Walksy was built for the Google I/O Last Call Maps/Geo Round 2 Challenge in 20 hours and was selected as a winning entry. Walksy is optimized for mobile devices.
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