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Links to Sites even better Than This One

If you have a website, I WANT TO KNOW IT. If you don't have one, GET ONE!! I'd like all my subscribers websites listed here. E-mail the URL, and I'll put a link to your site on this page. If you are not a subsriber, but you have a good site, Subscribe today!! It is also nice if you would link your site to this page! You can copy this HTML segment.

Really Cool Links

Adam Spencer's Homepage
This page has a picture of some bubbles and a few links to other sites.

Beth Fransen and Becca O'Hearn's Homepage
This page has a review of some bands, and a funny description of the authors by Chris Staats.

Boy Scout Troop 375's Website
This page was designed and is maintained by the newsletters very own Web God, Jay Kline. This site is the absolute pinacle of aweosmeness on the web. It is for his boy scout troop.

Todd Klein's Website
This page has sports figures and "people of the month" Check it out.

Dan Kane's Juggling Page
Visit Dan's page and win a prize!!!! Well, not really, but you can learn to juggle!!

Devin's Homepage
This page is my younger brother's page. It is filled with MIDI's, and was created by me. Check it out if you want some listening entertainment.

Jon Sackett's Home Page
If you like spelling mistkes, you'll love this page. It has a star wars theme, and a pretty funny page about Jon's friends. It too has a chat room.

Peter's Homepage with lots of Star Wars
I'm sure you want to visit a page that is fun, exciting, and full of surprises! Well, Peter Berhardts' page is not quite that. But visit anyway.

Zythum's Game Site
This is a site by Peter Robinson. This is a Star Wars Themed game page with cool pictures and stuff.