Brendan Nee's Website Archive August 2003
This not my current website, but an old version put up to demonstrate how my web design skills have evolved.

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Brendan Nee

Welcome to, the personal website of Brendan Nee.   From this site it is possible to learn more about me though my resume and projects.   The largest feature of this site is the extensive photo gallery of my travels.   Feel free to contact me with any thoughts, questions, or suggestions.






4/28/03 This weekend I went with my mom to New York. We originally planned to go to Mexico City, but because the flights were full we chose to visit New York as a backup plan. We stayed at the Marrott in Midtown which was very pleasant. The weather was great for exploring the various neighborhoods and parks. I stumbled across several buildings which I studied in my architectural history class. It was a very enjoyable trip.

4/23/03 Some major changes in the structure of the picture section of my site have occurred. I am using a new format for the galleries which allows for easier navagation, better looks, and several new features. Check out the handy "slideshow" option to see lots of pictures fast, and feel free to leave a comment or two if something inspires you. I obtained this software from the Gallery Project Website.

4/12/03 Pictures of a two day trip by myself to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. I found many things to do in Philadelphia and a lot of impressive architecture. I ate nothing but cheesesteaks the entire time I was there. I also got a great hotel deal through I stayed at the Wyndham downtown for $33 per night! Check out the pictures of the PSFS building.

3/16/03 I spent my Spring break with my dad in Los Angeles. We visited many attaractions including the Getty Center, Hollywood, Freeways, and Disneyland. We also visited a relative and some of my dad's freinds. We spent 17 hours of our 3 day trip in the car in traffic.