Travel Suggestions

I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling. I tend to seek out offbeat and quirky things everywhere I go. I used to keep a few lists in a Google Doc for when friends asked for suggestions on what to do when visiting places I’d been before. I’ve found foursquare lists to be […]

Transportation Themed Stained Glass

I spent a day wandering around New Haven, CT last month. While on the Yale campus, I noticed that Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall (SSS) featured transportation-themed stained glass on nearly every window. I snapped some photos – each pane has a different mode of transportation. This would be an ideal building to house a transportation engineering or […]

The Secret to Burrito Etiquette

I haven’t had very much good Mexican food while living in New York. Many New Yorkers do not seem to know proper burrito etiquette. I was quite surprised to find this guide to Burrito Etiquette while enjoying a baked potato at Carlos and Gabby’s in Brooklyn: Burrito Etiquette Bur – Eat – Ooh! I never […]

Communist Propaganda Signs in Central Vietnam

I put together some of my best shots of communist propaganda billboards in central vietnam. I took most of these photos while on a 10 day trip on the Ho Chi Minh trail via motorcycle. I liked one of these well enough that Lisa and I painted a mural of it in our bathroom.

Beijing Beef vs Orange Chicken on Olympic opening day and free wifi at Houston airport

En route from Belize City I decided to honor the start of the 2008 Olympic Games by taking the Panda Express challenge. A sign in Houston’s George Bush Intercontintal Airport posed the question: “Which is better, Beijing Beef or Orange Chicken”. After trying both, I give the gold medal to Orange Chicken with Beijing Beef […]

World Trip 2008

I’m currently on a 5 month trip around the world with my girlfriend Lisa. I’ve finally found enough time to update this blog to point to my trip blog Its got a map of where we’ve been, notes from each place we’ve visited and photos. You can also get the RSS feed or get […]

Why Virgin America is great (and I’m not even on board yet)

Today is my first time flying Virgin America. I’m headed to New York from San Francisco. My final destination is Boston but I decided to route through NY and take the Chinatown bus to Boston just to try out Virgin America. So far its great. Virgin America flys out of the international terminal at SFO. […]