Enabling wacky vehicles around the world

I’m a big fan of wacky vehicles. When it comes to donating/lending on microloan service Kiva.com I use this as a way to select who to lend to. I generally loan in the “Transportation” category and I like to support the most interesting vehicles I can find. Here are some of the best vehicles (and […]

Techsportation – Urban transportation + Technology

I started techsportation.com, a new site to cover things I find interesting around urban transportation and technology. I’ll post relevant news about carsharing, peer-to-peer carsharing, ride-sharing, carpooling, taxi technology, bike-sharing, scooter-sharing, peer-to-peer parking, smart parking, long-distance ride-sharing and more. It will definitely be biased towards San Francisco (where I live) but it will also include […]

Building a real-time transit information kiosk with Raspberry Pi

I’ve been playing with raspberry pi a lot lately and managed to make a real-time transit display for my kitchen. This shows the real-time arrival predictions for the transit routes near me, a map of the stops, the weather, and recent tweets from my roommates. It was surprisingly easy to set up, so I’ll post […]