Beijing Beef vs Orange Chicken on Olympic opening day and free wifi at Houston airport

En route from Belize City I decided to honor the start of the 2008 Olympic Games by taking the Panda Express challenge. A sign in Houston’s George Bush Intercontintal Airport posed the question: “Which is better, Beijing Beef or Orange Chicken”. After trying both, I give the gold medal to Orange Chicken with Beijing Beef […]

Planning in New Orleans: A First Draft

Written October, 2006 Jed and I finished a draft of our paper for a disaster recovery conference at Texas A&M University. After the conference, we visited Austin, San Antonio and Houston to take in a good slice of Texas life. An Overview of the Unified New Orleans Planning Process provides our analysis of the planning […]

San Francisco City CarShare: Longer-Term Travel-Demand and Car Ownership Impacts

Written May, 2006 The fourth year analysis of the impacts of carsharing in the Bay Area. This is the result of my work as a graduate student researcher under Robert Cervero at UC Berkeley while working on my Master’s in City Planning. Written with Aaron Golub and Robert Cervero. Official Description: This is the fourth […]

Analysis of the Berkeley Class Pass

By: Brendan Nee and Courtney Pash Written Dec 3, 2004 Introduction Transit offers numerous benefits to individuals, communities, the environment and employers. Like most commodities, the price can be substantially lower if bought in bulk or as a group. Deep discount group pass programs offer neighborhoods, employers, campuses and other groups the ability to provide […]

Fair and Square: The Planning Legacy of World’s Fairs

By: Brendan Nee Written November, 2004 Introduction: What started as a large trade show developed in to a forum for idea exchange which helped define architectural styles, planning movements and the way the world views technology. World’s Fairs brought people together from around the globe for a year of festivities and exhibits which helped to […]