I'm one of those guys in the swanky condo promo videos

This has been online for over a year, but I figured that since photos of me are so popular on the internet I’d share this video with you as well: I was featured in the background of a promo video for the SOMA Grand Lifestyle condos. You have to follow this link and fast forward […]

A picture of me on a giant net is famous on the internets

Update: imgur (where this image was hosted) shows that it had more than 1/4 million views This picture was the 2nd top rated item on reddit.com with 388 comments and counting. The same picture of me on the net also made it to “Whats Hot” on google reader and it just got dugg with 1400+ […]

Warehouse Construction Video (with dance sequence)

I’ve been living in a live/work converted warehouse space in San Francisco for a few months now. Along with seven other people, we did all of the work of building out the space ourselves. My brother put together a video time-lapse montage of our progress and posted it on youtube, check it out: If anyone […]

Flight of the Conchords + Google

I woke up this morning to check my email and found a very exciting update from Google. I’ll be attending Google I/O, which I was already very excited about. Google arranged for my favorite band to entertain at the reception after the first day: Flight of the Conchords. How the Conchords could fit this into […]

Synesthesia – My Synesthetic Alphabet

I associate colors with letters and numbers. I have done this as early as I can remember but I did not learn that it was a recognized neurological condition until recently. Below you can see the alphabet the way I view it along with various numbers and punctuation. If you are interested in learning more, […]