My first music purchase since 2000

Today I downloaded the latest Radiohead album, In Rainbows. Unlike all the other albums I’ve obtained since I stopped purchasing compact discs, I purchased this album directly from the artists on their website and downloaded the album directly in just a few minutes rather than from peer-to-peer networks. I chose to pay £5.00, which gives […]

Why Virgin America is great (and I’m not even on board yet)

Today is my first time flying Virgin America. I’m headed to New York from San Francisco. My final destination is Boston but I decided to route through NY and take the Chinatown bus to Boston just to try out Virgin America. So far its great. Virgin America flys out of the international terminal at SFO. […]

Facebook Scores – Mashup with google maps, facebook data & census data

I looked at the facebook network for La Crosse, WI, my hometown and was impressed that there are 12,856 people on this network alone. People on facebook can belong to only one regional network at a time, so its likely that most of these users actually live in the La Crosse metro region. The city […]

The true shape of the Midwest- Google Analytics

Maybe for some people who don’t know the midwest as well as I do the google analytics visitor overlay map looks fine. However, the shape of my home state, Wisconsin, is certainly distorted and Michigan is almost unrecognizable. This overlay uses the states boundaries that extend over water. For most states that does not affect […]

DuMeter Replacement – one more free app

I recently made a post about how many open source or free applications I am currently using after a reformat of my laptop. I noticed that it was getting a lot of traffic from the google search “open source dumeter“. The same search revealed NetMeter. It is a freeware program that seems to have all […]

Craigslist to charge fees for brokered rental listings in San Francisco?

For one of my clients I regularly deal with posting for sale and for rent listings on craigslist to test out formatting issues. Today, after I submitted one post, I got the standard post confirmation along with: Paid to craigslist 2007-09-27 — paymentID real estate for sale Total to be charged 0.00 Is craigslist setting […]

Freshbooks takes me out to dinner

Preston and I had the opportunity to have dinner with two members of the freshbooks team. We both use for tracking our work and billing our clients, and it happens to be one of my very favorite web applications. Now we’re both pictured on the freshbooks blog. Preston and I ended up taking Mike […]

Preston Theler – In the right place at the right time

Back when my friend Preston Theler worked at Mesaba Airlines, he was first on the scene when a DC-9 ended up on top of a pushback tug. He snapped a picture (and got cited by the TSA for it). Its now one of the most popular pictures on, which I hear is the most […]

Firefox Extensions you Can’t Live Without

Firefox is fantastic, but you can make it better. Add some of these extensions by visiting the site & clicking the install link. If you are using firefox, the extension will automatically install and be ready to use after you restart your browser. Tab Mix Plus: Allows you to control how you browse by opening […]

Old & new school: San Francisco to Chicago via train with an iphone

I’m en route to Chicago from San Francisco (well, really Emeryville) to visit my brother. I’ve got my iphone which I hacked last night to allow my laptop to use the Internet via ad hoc wireless. I’ve got 3 full batteries, so we’ll see how long I can keep the trainblog going. Hour 1: Left […]