About Me

If you don’t know me and want to cut to the chase, skip to my current status. If you want the full back story, check out my timeline.

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Early Years

I grew up in La Crosse, WI. At age 5, I began my career in sales selling Kool-Aid and sandwiches out of a refrigerator box in front of my house[attribution needed]. During high school I went on to co-founded a bike repair company with Preston Theler and graduated from Central High School in 2000. In 1999 I diagnosed myself with color-letter synesthesia. I’ve worked at a bike store, on the deck of a passenger steamboat, and on the ramp at a regional airline.


I completed an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota in 2003. I was good at the technical aspects of Engineering but I didn’t find it very interesting. This led me to transportation and city planning and Berkeley where I did a master’s degree in transportation engineering. Some of the more interesting research projects I worked on include carsharing in San Francisco, freeway deconstruction, reverse commuting to a casino in Yolo County, the value of information to motorists, sustainable transportation in Jiaxing China and Disaster Recovery planning in New Orleans.

  • My research: The full text of some of my academic research


I began teaching myself web development in 1996. Some high school friends and I circulated a humor newsletter and I wanted to figure out how to get it online. A version of my original Tri-weekly Newsletter website is still available (along with old versions of this site).

In college I learned to build computers. I put together dozens custom PCs for myself, friends and clients. In the process of doing this, I got comfortable dealing with nearly everything computer related from fighting viruses, dealing with security, and solving network issues.

I started to work on paid web development projects that I found through word of mouth. I was able to fund most of my academic career (and much world traveling) though my side job of freelance web development.

Current Status

After grad school, I co-founded BlinkTag Inc with my good friend and colleague Jed Horne. BlinkTag does web and app development, data analysis and planning consulting, working at the intersection of technology, transportation and city planning. I now work full time for myself on projects for clients that include government agencies, non-profits, academics projects and small companies.


I enjoy cycling, skiing, architecture, playing the piano and flute, photography and world travel.

Favorite Restaurants and Bars

I maintain Foursquare lists of my favorite things, sorted by city.

I also maintain a site about my favorite attractions in the Bay Area bayarea.icu.

Favorite Color:

All (See my synesthesia page)


Brendan Nee