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Cheap, plentiful data on Tmobile’s $30/month “hidden” data plan

March 26th, 2013

T-Mobile-Prepaid-SIM-Activation-Kit-3T-mobile reorganized their plans today, and continues to hide the plan that in my opinion is the best value.

Its the $30/month 100 minute, unlimited text, 5GB plan that I wrote about a year ago.

Its not available in T-mobile stores, only via their website. And if you visit their plans page, its pretty hidden. Scroll down to the bottom and find “$30/month – Unlimited web and text with 100 minutes talk”.


Want to get this plan? Here are the steps:

  • Get a T-mobile sim card. Make sure get the right one (regular or micro). T-mobile will mail one to you for $10
  • Get a phone. Ebay is a good way to get a slightly used iPhone or you can get a brand new Nexus 4 directly from Google for $300.
  • Activate online. Just make sure you choose the correct plan – T-mobile has more than one $30/month plan, but only the “100 minutes, unlimited text, 5GB web” is suitable for most users. The other plans offer very low amounts of data.

Need more than 100 minutes/month? You can prepay $100 for 1000 additional minutes that can be used within 12 months. This way, you’ll only pay $0.10/minute should you need more than 100/month.

  • Michael

    Are you sure this is correct? I scoured the T-mobile site and could not access the $30/month plan. Closes I could get was to send me a $10 micro sim card if I purchase a plan, which started at $50/month.

    • admin

      Its on the bottom of this page:

      When you go to activate your phone, it should be an option.

    • Allan

      It’s correct–you have to purchase the SIM card first. When it arrives (mine came today), follow the instructions that come with the card, and do it online. I’ve done it, and I’m just waiting for my old phone number to transfer to my new phone.

      • Alex

        Did T-Mobile transfer your phone number? Or has anyone else completed that step OK? I am dying to get on this plan, but really want to transfer my current post-paid number to the new SIM/account. Something T-Mobile might not want to help us out with!

  • Gedis

    Well thats stupid….two t mobile reps told me its unlimited talk, text and 5GB 4G plan…..whata hell now im seeing is 100 minutes?????

  • Matt

    I knew the plan was there but I could never find it. Thanks for the info. I just activated my $30 plan 🙂

  • George

    What if you have a plan with them and want to switch to this plan using the same phone? A Nexus 4

    • Foonatic

      Looks like it is for new activations only. Do you like the Nexus 4? Trying to decide.

      • brendannee

        Nexus 4 seems like a good phone.

  • Foonatic

    I noticed this plan a couple of weeks ago when signing up online. I use Google Voice instead of T-mobile’s voice, so I’m only using data.

    • Foonatic

      The problem is you have to pay extra for Hotspot capabilities.

  • Modanoic

    do you get 4g lte with iphone 5 and is it possible to use a nano sim card from ebay not directly from t mobile website

    • bremenstar

      Yes, iphone5 is capable of 4g lte speeds. and yes, you can get a nano sim from ebay as well.

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  • SawSkooh

    Question: 1) Is this plan still available at Wal-Mart, and 2) Is it possible to purchase the SIM card at Wal-Mart? I’m living abroad and a foreign colleague is travelling to the states for a couple of weeks and needs my advice. (I’ll be going soon as well, and need the same advice myself.) Can he just pop into a Wal-Mart and pick up the SIM and the plan on the day he arrives?

  • Roger

    This plan can now only be purchased at Walmart, and then activated at t-mobile. You can’t buy it from t-mobile. It also isn’t eligible for the new international stuff announced recently by t-mobile.

  • mrmikec

    I just visited, and this plan now indicates that it can only be used in phones purchaed from Walmart. I don’t remember that requirement in the past. Can this only be used with phones purchased from Walmart?