Brendan Nee

How to get the hidden $30/month “Walmart” T-mobile data plan and use Ice Cream Sandwich on a Galaxy Nexus

January 5th, 2012

Update 3/26/13: See my updated post on how to get this plan

Update 8/8/12: Simplest option is to buy the starter kit from, buy the Galaxy Nexus from Google for $349 and then activate it online and choose the $30/month unlimited plan.

Would you prefer to pay less for your mobile phone but want unlimited data? Have you ever left the US for more than a month but had to pay your mobile bill while using none of it because of a 2 year contract?

I was excited when I read about the Walmart data plan, a new $30/month, no-contract, unlimited (5GB) plan back in October 2010. When announced, it was initially only going to be available at Walmart stored. Visiting a Walmart isn’t very convenient for me living in San Francisco but would be worth the one-time trek for the potential savings. The new $30/month plan buys:

  • 100 minutes
  • Unlimited SMS messages
  • Unlimited Data (capped at 5GB on 4G and then throttled down to edge)

I had been using a 2 year T-mobile contract with 500 minutes, unlimited SMS and “unlimited” data – and for this I paid a bit more than $90/month after taxes and fees. It turns out I used very few voice minutes, about 250/month on average. Data and SMS is what I used most, but I had to get the contract with 500 voice minutes to get the unlimited data.

It turns out the new $30/month plan is available via and – so trekking to the Oakland Airport (nearest Walmart to SF) to talk to a Walmart representative isn’t required. Both websites offer a variety of “Monthly 4G” plans. Look closely – hidden in the middle is the ideal one. $30/month with only 100 minutes but all-you-can-eat SMS and up to 5G per month in data – all other monthly plans under $70 cap 4G usage at 30MB, 100MB or 2GB – quite a bit less.

Around the same time, Google released the Nexus Galaxy – the next phone in its line of “pure” Android devices. It is the first Android phone to run version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) – many phones will never see this upgrade. ICS has many new features and is widely regarded as a significant upgrade from Gingerbread and Honeycomb. The phone has been released in CDMA form for Verizon, but it hasn’t been released in GSM (T-mobile compatible) form in the US. It might never be.

Expansys sells imported GSM Galaxy Nexus that works perfectly with T-mobile (and AT&T – but why would you use them?) that you can buy at the unsubsidized price of $660 (use coupon 40offgnx for $40 off the full price). NewEgg also has the Galaxy Nexus.

Combining both the hidden T-mobile plan and the Nexus Galaxy gives you the best Android phone and cheapest US data plan – a great combo.

The catch is – how to you actually get the $30 plan onto your new Galaxy Nexus? You need a T-mobile Sim card which you have to physically get. If you go to Walmart, they don’t sell the Galaxy Nexus. If you want to get the hidden data plan they will require you to buy their cheapest phone (about $15) to get the Sim card from it. You can then dispose of the dumb phone and use the sim card in your smart phone.

If you go to a T-mobile store they don’t have the $30 plan either (nor do they have the Nexus Galaxy). The hidden data plan is officially only available on However, at the San Francisco Mission T-mobile store, one sales rep was very accommodating and was actually able to provide me a Sim card and activate the hidden $30 plan on the spot. I got the impression that this wasn’t something they promote, but it is technically possible for them to do. You should walk in and ask for the plan by name ($30 plan, 100 minutes, unlimited data). The sales rep knew exactly what I was looking for as this plan stands out as by far the best deal.

If you don’t have a T-mobile Store or Walmart nearby, you can get the Sim card starter kit from for $0.99.

tl;dr Get the Galaxy Nexus GSM and a hidden T-mobile data plan and have 5GB of 4G data per month for $30.

  • Interceptor3

    Good overview. I’m wondering about TMobile/Nexus data rates. Does the Samsung Galaxy Nexus get full HSPA+? i.e. 21Mbps or something close? (in the right areas of course).

    • Anonymous

      I got 3.3 Mbps down 1.6 Mbps up in San Francisco, I’ll do some more tests to see if I can get faster data speeds elsewhere.

  • I did walk into the store and asked for it by name. They said there was no such thing.  Then I showed them the printouts I made online and they stated that T-mobile online and the T-mobile stores are two different companies. After that much effort to lie to me I gave up. This was in Las Vegas Nevada at 3250 W. Lake Mead Blvd 89032

    • Anonymous

      What city/store was that in? You can always order it online and have a sim card shipped to you.

  • Myf Ma

    thank you brendan

  • Rdinsf

    The Galaxy Nexus is now available directly from Google for $399, and it can use the T-mobile HSPA+ 4G.

    I have ordered a SIM from T-mobile for 99 cents, and will activate it when it arrives on the $30 plan.  The T-mobile store on Market street said that they were unable to activate on that plan.  Bummer, I have to wait for the SIM to arrive in the mail.

  • rcrh

    So riddle me this (and excuse the ignorance):  you separately buy a $30 plan & a SIM card starter kit – how do you put the two together so they work?  

    • admin

      Just put the sim in your unlocked phone and then activate it online – you can add the $30/month magic plan from the tmobile website.

  • Wilddreams5

    Yea that plan isnt on the web site any longer…Guess the cat is out of the so called bag.

  • Julz

    Hi, I’m going to be visiting the USA for 3 months and want to get a micro sim for my iPhone. This $30 100minutes unlimited text and data plan is definietly perfect for me but I can’t figure out if I’m going to be able to get it.
    Do you know if I can buy the micro sim starter pack thing from t-mobile and get the $30 plan? or do you need to buy the phone? If I need to buy the phone I’m sure the cheapo $15 dollar one does not have a micro sim and therefor wont be compatible with my iPhone!
    If you think I can buy the micro sim (which I will have shipped) how do I go about getting the $30 plan (I will be living right opposite a giant walmart or can have it shipped from
    Any info/help you have would be greatly appreciated. 
    Thanks so much in advance! I’m getting so confused over here about my options!

    • xur17

      You can purchase a sim card directly from (see my link in a comment above). It costs $0.99.

      Then activate the sim card on for the $30 plan. Worked for me a few months ago.

  • Gxxxxxxx

    Hello, I have to share you what is my experience with this T Mobile plan so far:
    First part:
    Gxxxxxxxxxxx: I would like to get the 4Gmonthly plan for $30 with 100 min talk and unlimited 4G till 5GB!Erwin O: Hi Guillaume, welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m Erwin and my rep ID is 145-1159. I will be more than happy to assist you with your concern.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: I bought a T mobile sim card todayGxxxxxxxxxxx: and I don’t know how to activate on this plan!Erwin O: Thank you for choosing T-Mobile! Did you already activate your SIM card?Gxxxxxxxxxxx: yes, it’s in the phoneGxxxxxxxxxxx: the seller sold me one with $10 communication time on it!Erwin O: Great. First, you need to refill your account and after that you can choose your own plan by accessing your T-Mobile account.!Erwin O: You can also call our customer care by dialing 1-800-937-8997 or 611 from your T-Mobile phone.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: I’m sorry but on my T mobile account, there are the other plan but not this one in particularGxxxxxxxxxxx: Could you activate me on this one please: 30$ a month, 100 min talk and unlimited 4G till 5GB data is reached!Erwin O: I regret to say that I can’t change the rate plan for you because the balance is insufficient.!Erwin O: You need to refill your account first for me to change the rate plan.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: how much do you need on the balance to do it?!Erwin O: Currently you have $3.00 on your balance.!Erwin O: You need to refill at least $27.00 for us to change your rate plan.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: okay, and then I will be on the monthly 4G plan, as advertised on the web site?!Erwin O: Yes, that is correct.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: okay let me do this right now!Erwin O: I see. You can call our hotline 1-877-778-2107. I regret to say that we cannot process payment via chat due to privacy issue.!Erwin O: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?Gxxxxxxxxxxx: yes, it’s doneGxxxxxxxxxxx: can you please make the switch now ?!Erwin O: I’ll be more than happy to do switch the plan.!Erwin O: Give me just a moment.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: okay thanks!Erwin O: Thank you for waiting. You are now on the $30.00 planGxxxxxxxxxxx: thanks a lot. It is still not appearing online, is it normal, should I wait a moment?!Erwin O: It may take 2 hours for the changes to take effect.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: okay perfect, thanks a lot!!Erwin O: You are welcome.

    I log and I see I have been activated on the 1500min talk plan, 30MB…

    Second part:
    Gxxxxxxxxxxx: Your service (145-1159) did activate me on a bad plan%Amschel V: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile live chat. My name is Amschel and my rep ID is 853272. I’m here to help. Give me a moment to pull up your account.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: I requested specially for the 4G monthly plan, with 100 min talk time and unlimited 4G till 6GBGxxxxxxxxxxx: 5GB sorryGxxxxxxxxxxx: but I got a bad oneGxxxxxxxxxxx: could you correct it please?%Amschel V: Let me check what I can do for you today.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: thanks%Amschel V: Thank you.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: are you still there?%Amschel V: Yes, I’m sorry about the delay.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: ok%Amschel V: thanks.%Amschel V: Are you referring to $70/month Unli talk tex web 5GB?Gxxxxxxxxxxx: no, the $30/month, 100 min talk, unlim web 5GB%Amschel V: Let me check that.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: as advertised here: V: Let me check that too.%Amschel V: Upon further checking. The plan is for new activations.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: yes but it’s exactly what I am doing today…Gxxxxxxxxxxx: I bought the sim card this morning, to get this planGxxxxxxxxxxx: you can check my record and see that I am a new customer%Amschel V: Let me further check please.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: ok%Amschel V: Thank you.%Amschel V: Did you purchase a handset too or just the sim card?Gxxxxxxxxxxx: no, just a sim cardGxxxxxxxxxxx: I already have a phone%Amschel V: Okay.%Amschel V: Upon further checking. You can only avail the rate plan if you purchase a new handset.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: I am sorry but that’s not trueGxxxxxxxxxxx: I know it has been done beforeGxxxxxxxxxxx: and it is not written on your adverstiment%Amschel V: I really love to help you on this but the rate plan that you were asking is not available on your rate plan maintenance since it is for new activations and you have to purchase a handset to avail this rate plan.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: again, I know this is possible, could you check again pleaseGxxxxxxxxxxx: or at least could you show where is it written that to get this plan, I am forced to buy a phone?%Amschel V: Let me triple check it for you please.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: ok, thanks%Amschel V: You’re welcome.%Amschel V: I triple check it. The plan is for new activation and you will need to purchase a handset for that plan.Gxxxxxxxxxxx: could you show me where is written the last part of your affirmation?Gxxxxxxxxxxx: I already spend today more than $20 to buy a sim card. Could you at least try do something right on the customer’s way?%Amschel V: It’s on right top of the page it says “Start by choosing from our selection of 4G smartphones”

    Finally, I have to get back in the store to get a refund on the $27…

    • Julz

       Thanks for that Info! I actually rang t-mobile from australia and the lady told me I could purchase the sim card activation pack and would then be able to activate this plan online. (she advised me to buy a sim card cutter to make into a micro sim as you can only by the micro sim on a contract)
      However from what you’ve said i’ll have to buy the cheapest phone! thanks very much!

  • Needacheapphone lol

    Will this work with any unlocked phone? For example  Samsung Galaxy S2 Unlocked SGH-I727 Skyrocket 4G

    • Wowisdabomb

      if it is compatible with T-Mobile network. yes.

  • John Coleman24

    BTW, anyone trying to do this online, save yourself a huge headache and don’t use Chrome (19).  It kept trying to make me select a plan, and it was not until I used FireFox (on about the seventh try) that I was able to just buy the SIM.

  • Wowisdabomb

    Just got my $30 dollar plan that now costs $60 dollars to get set up..

    phone .. T-Mobile required to get the activation code from it… least expensive one at the store is now $30
    Plan Pin Code .. not the refill, but the one that is 100 min/unl/unl .. $30.. you can get it from the Wallmart(Wally World) website instantly..with or without a phone purchase, but you still need the activation code from a Wally World phone.

    then, in my case, try to activate the phone I bought from Wally World.. over the net at the prepaid T-Mobile site.. for some reason does not.. NOT…NOT work..

    Called T-Mobile to activate the phone I bought… and still the rep says the activation code is no good… go back to Wally World.. do not pass Go.. do not Collec…err.. whatever. FAIL.

    Back to Wally World.. at least there was one person behind the counter that knew it was all messed up at Wally World and T-Mobile. That person got on the phone and hammered it out with the T-Mobile reps. and amazingly got the cheap $30 phone I bought there activated and with the right plan!
    Now, it is a simple thing to pull out the activated SIMM card and stick it into my smart phone… not so fast.. now you have to set up the APN on your smart phone and delete all the other ones, but at least that is not so bad if you go to the web site at T-Mobile and look up your HTC phone. It has to be a smart phone that can connect to the T-Mobile network.. and it finaly is working all now. Much better than the horrible Simple Mobile I had before… but it was not easy… you  really really really have to be pateint and want it. or its not worth all the trouble.

    • xur17

      You do not need to purchase a phone from Walmart:
      I recently activated this plan on my Galaxy Nexus that I purchased directly from Google. Here was my process:
      1. I purchased this SIM card (it comes with an activation code too):
      2. I followed the instruction on the SIM card, and activated it on T-Mobile’s website.

      • Kimjust5

        you need to input the serial number for a phone though. did you just input the galaxy nexus serial number in?

  • Dima Habenko

    Not really understanding all the nuances, so would appreciate some help. I already have Samsung Exhibit 4G phone from Wal-Mart with $30 unlimited plan. If I buy unlocked Galaxy Nexus from Google, would I simply need to put SIM card from old phone to new or do I still need to activate it at T-Mobile? I would like to keep my phone # and not go through the activation again.

    • Wowisdabomb

      Yes, if the unlocked Galaxy Nexus from Google is compatible with T-Mobile network, then all you need to do is swap the SIMM card in the Nexus with your old phone, and also, set up a new APN entry in you Nexus as per instructions on the T-Mobile web site.. your APN needs to be set to T-Mobile USA or something like that.

      or call tech help for that.

  • Wowisdabomb

    “The catch is – how to you actually get the $30 plan onto your new Galaxy Nexus? You need a T-mobile Sim card which you have to physically get. If you go to Walmart, they don’t sell the Galaxy Nexus. If you want to get the hidden data plan they will require you to buy their cheapest phone (about $15) to get the Sim card from it. You can then dispose of the dumb phone and use the sim card in your smart phone”

    that part of the article is not entirely correct.
    You MUST BUY A WALLMART PHONE because you need 2 things
    1. the ACTIVATION CODE that comes with the phone.. 11 digit code.
    2. an Unactivated new SIMM card
    Both are required..
    but also
    3. Get the NEW ACTIVATION $30 dollar 100min/unl dat/unl txt deal. ONLY FOR NEW CONTRACTS/PHONES

    My advice is buy both above and have the person at Wallmart set it up for you on the disposable phone working BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STORE.

    Then when you get home swap the SIMM card out with your smart phone, and set up the APN to T-Mobile. as per instructions on the website.

    and you should be done.

    • xur17


      I recently activated this plan on my Galaxy Nexus that I purchased directly from Google. Here was my process:
      1. I purchased this SIM card (it comes with an activation code too):
      2. I followed the instruction on the SIM card, and activated it on T-Mobile’s website.

      You do not need to purchase a walmart phone. This is completely incorrect.

      • H548666

        did you just input the galaxy nexus serial number in

    • ivn

      What do you mean by “set it up for you”? As in the simm card? the plan? thank you for the clarification

    • 2dblk

      Order from T-Mobile website.  I just did it, sim only.  Or you can get it from Amazon.  
      The activation code comes with the sim card.

  • Mayanalan93

    i need help so i bought a samsung exhibit from walmart but online …so i got it the next day activated it under the 30$ 1500 talk and text 30mg without knowing about the 30$ 100 min unlimited msg and web…so can i buy the cheapest phone walmart has and get it activated under the 30$ unlimited web and text plan then switch sim cards….will it work

    • MatthewMurawski

      Sign up for myT-Mobile at and you can change you service plan to the other $30 plan.

      • 2dblk

        Be careful as it has to be on a new activation.

  • brendannee
  • MatthewMurawski

    Ordered a 99 cent SIM from T-Mobile’s website, got it the other day, set up the $30 Walmart plan in minutes, and I was on my way. Really easy!

    • Ajcornish1995

      It wont let me select the 30/month plan when I activate mine. How did you do it?

      • MatthewMurawski

        I just said. You must be having problems.

  • Mssn131

    T-mobile walmart plan is a big “LIE”. They run on 2g network and keep selling for a 4g. THIS IS BIG LIE!

    • 2blkk

      Not so in Dallas, I am on this plan and get 6 – 12 mbs down all the time.  Much faster than my Sprint LTE that doesnt work in most of Dallas

  • Djs

    The link you gave for the starter kit requires a plan to be chosen which is NOT a Monthy4G.  Just got off chat with a rep, and the following link is what is needed:

    • brendannee

      Thanks for that, I updated the link and added a blurb at the top on how to do this without reading this whole post.

  • Landa0611

    can i use this plan with Sidekick

  • Tyler

    I have a question …did you buy a walmart phone kit to activate the Tmobile sim that use with the rate plan: 100 minutes talk + unlimited text n web ? I asked online Tmobile, they said : I have to buy a walmart phone kit to activate this rate plan !!!! 

  • F.P.

    Hi! Im travelling from Brazil to SanFrancisco next month. Im planning get the activation kit from T-Mobile website and ship it to my hotel. How do I proceed with the simcard in my hands? Do I have to go at a TMobile store? Thankkkx

    • F.P.


      • John Wehmeyer

        Actually, the folks in the store are clueless — this plan is web only. They either don’t know about it, or don’t want to know. Just go on this site and follow directions carefully:

        • F.P.

          Thank you very much.

  • Ross

    If i have an unlocked iphone 4s for verizon or att will this work?

    • brendannee

      Tmobile is a GSM network, so it will only work with an AT&T phone. And I don’t think Tmobiles 3G is compatible with the iPhone 4s, but I could be wrong. I think you’d end up with an edge connection.

  • Anonymous

    I had purchased a rather expensive T-Mobile phone at walmart just for this plan only to lose it a month later because T-Mobile’s website wouldn’t let me log in to pay for another month. I went and bought a giftcard only to find out I now could not get the plan again for some stupid reason. I already had put in the giftcard and couldn’t get it refunded so was stuck with 1500talk/text. Just bought the SIM kit and hope it works.

    • Anonymous

      It worked! 😀

  • EAW

    If you absolutely need to buy a T-Mobile Monthly 4G activation SIM locally (i.e. can’t wait for one to be shipped, lol) , you may be able to get them at Best Buy. I got one today from there, and it allowed me to activate my recently purchased Galaxy Nexus. Just followed the information at the activation website, was able to pick the $30 plan (since I was a new subscriber), and all is good! Works like a charm with the GNex.

  • remotole

    “Have you ever left the US for more than a month but had to pay your
    mobile bill while using none of it because of a 2 year contract?”, —
    Yes, I have. BUT: The $30 T-Mobile offer is not gonna help me with that right? If I don’t pay/have at least $30 in my account every month I’ll lose the plan option, correct?

    • elaine

      i left the US for 2 months last year and switched this $30 plan to a TMobile Pay as you go plan so I did not have to pay for that 2 months. It ended up i just kept the number but not the plan. now i wanted to have the $30 plan again and the tmobile rep said i need a new activation kit.

  • T.Budd

    Is this plan worth it? And how easy is the activation, i bought a new Sim because i’m currently on the Tmobile 50 dollar a month plan but i can’t afford it, so it’s either this plan or Virgin Mobile.

  • lucia

    i want to buy the sim card on t-mobil web store but! Checkout Failure,forever.

  • maceo

    hi My sister just got a new Galaxy S3 she had a Virgin Mobile Optimus V and it has no sim card in it . So what do I do about the sim card for the S3. She wants to use Virgin Mobile becasue she was only paying 35 dollars a month or less,,,need some help regarding this guys. I have no idea where to start regarding this.

  • haborg

    this is my previous experience, I will do this in a risky way.I need this plan for my mon who lives in brooklyn Ny, she is techless a older cute woman, I set up a smartphone for her with all the apps “android”, I need she only get a cell plan with data but not too expensive, and I found the tmobile option I was amazing If she can get it, but I read that is only in walmart and she cant go to far, I lost the faith until I read this article so Ill do from abroad for her.Ill buy the 2 things, the sim card activation kit and a tmobile 30$ refill card.Once my mom recieves these 2 items, she have to provide me the activation code, the sim serial, I already hace her imei number, and the pin refill number.Ill go to the tmobile activation page , input this numbers, fill her data, choose the amazing plan, choose a number for the sim, and pay with the pin number and I hope works for her.She in usa and I will do from Ecuador, nice jejeje. Before this journey I could contact tmobile support chat

    You have been connected to !Dwayne S.

    Hugo Chang:
    monthly4g plan set up, just buy a sim card activation kit and a refill
    card 30$ and go to tmobile activation web site? I have my own phone not a
    prepaid cellphone

    Hugo Chang:
    Hello, I need to know exactly what are the requirements to activate the
    famous monthly4G prepaid plan $30 “100 minutes and 5GB at 4G”, I read
    several articles in blogs over internet that validate only two requiriments
    1- if I already have my own gsm cellphone just need yo buy the “T-Mobile-Prepaid-SIM-Activation-Kit”
    2.-a tmobile 30$ refill card

    Then go to your activation web page and start the activation
    sim card activation code
    sim card serial
    imei phone number (mine)
    then fill personal info
    choose the plan “monthly4G $30 100 voice minutes + 5GB at 4G”
    choose a number por my sim card
    pay the plan with the pin code form the refill card and done?

    !Dwayne S:
    Hi Hugo! Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat. My name is Dwayne S.
    and for your reference my Rep I.D. is 1451191. Let me help you out your
    concerns for settings up prepaid.

    Hugo Chang: Im from abroad I want to buy these 2 things activate it to my mom who lives there ,

    !Dwayne S:
    You actually have all that is needed to activate the $30 rate prepaid
    rate plan. A sim activation kit and have it activated online via
    T-Mobile website.

    Hugo Chang:
    my mom receive these 2 things call me , and said me the numbers and ill
    activate from internet and finally she can use this plan in an
    smartphone prevoiusly set up for me and she can use her data plan

    !Dwayne S: Then make a refill of $30 online to load the account then insert the simcard to the phone then that’s basically it.

    Hugo Chang: so you confirm that is all that I need to achieve my goal ? monthly4G 30$ 100 voice minutes+5GB at 4G

    Hugo Chang: no need to go to walmart to buy a prepaid cellphone

    !Dwayne S: As long as it is a new activation, you can choose the $30 Walmart plan.

    Hugo Chang: put off the sim card and relocate this simcard in my mom´s cellphone

    Hugo Chang: take care that Ill do everithing via internet, for my mom she is older

    Hugo Chang: Ill buy these 2 items

    Hugo Chang: send them to her

    Hugo Chang: she call me, and then she will dictate all the number and I ll activate the sim card she only will put the sim and voila?

    !Dwayne S: That’s right.

    Hugo Chang: can I buy from any webplace who sells your products right?

    Hugo Chang: for example

    Hugo Chang:
    first item :

    !Dwayne S: Please only use the T-Mobile website as your point of sales to make sure that it is legitimate.

    Hugo Chang:
    second item:

    Hugo Chang: mmm ok but only for reference these are

    Hugo Chang: the 2 items

    Hugo Chang: to activate

    Hugo Chang: the especific plan that I need , my mom use in her phone

    !Dwayne S: That’s right. Please activate the simcard first to create an account then make a refill in it to get the service.

    Hugo Chang: sim card activation kit

    Hugo Chang: and a 30$ refill card

    Hugo Chang: the apn set up is automatically done by OTA or

    Hugo Chang: not?

    Hugo Chang: or is necessary to do it manually?

    Hugo Chang: your nearby stores can support her with this issue?

    !Dwayne S: APN might be automatically setup once the simcard is inserted.

    !Dwayne S: And our stores can absolutely help her out.

    Hugo Chang: excelent to heard that

    Hugo Chang: bravo

    Hugo Chang: i knew it you rocks

    !Dwayne S: Thanks for the acknowledgement Hugo.

    Hugo Chang: one last time, can I able to activate this plan once I have the activation code from the sim activation kit

    Hugo Chang: “”monthly4G $30 100 voice minutes+5GB data plan at 4G”

    Hugo Chang: I need just activate that plan

    Hugo Chang: not de 1500 voice minutes + 30MB

    !Dwayne S:
    Yes, the $30 Walmart plan with 100 minutes of talktime with unlimited
    text and data is available to new activations but please make sure that
    your mom selects the correct rate plan since we have 2 $30 plan.

    Hugo Chang: Im who

    Hugo Chang: make

    Hugo Chang: the activation

    Hugo Chang: she only provide me the numbers

    !Dwayne S: I see.

    Hugo Chang: but isnt necesary to buy nothing or go to walmart to get this plan rigth?

    !Dwayne S: No need. As long as this is the first time you’ve activated, you can select the $30 plan wiithout going to Walmart.

    Hugo Chang: I read that you offered this plan since 2010 and you are very famous in this prepaid only knowers plan

    !Dwayne S: Yes, that’s right. Many T-Mobile customers are actually on that plan because of unlimited data and texting.

    Hugo Chang: Im exited if Im activated it for my mom because in that way my mom could use skype with me

    !Dwayne S: That’s right. No need for international calling. Good thing that we have skype these days.

    Hugo Chang: thanks you so much Dwayne I hope my mon be a happy new customer of T-mobile

    Hugo Chang: You make me happy today buddy

    !Dwayne S: I am looking forward to it Hugo. Welcome aboard.

    Hugo Chang: thank you so so much for your assintance

    !Dwayne S: You sure are welcome.

    Hugo Chang: and sorry for any mistake of my english

    !Dwayne S: Don’t you worry about it.

    Hugo Chang: Im a spanish native

    Hugo Chang: trying to do my best effort

    !Dwayne S: I see. I can get the thought, that’s what matters.

    Hugo Chang: again thanks

    !Dwayne S: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat, have a great day Hugo!

    Hugo Chang: yeah youre right

    !Dwayne S: Goodbye.

    Hugo Chang: u2
    Hugo Chang: bye

    I hope this feedback helps to anybody as it did with me.

  • I just did this process but it was a bit convoluted… I went to walmart, they were totally clueless. when I went to a T-mobile store with my Nexus 4 they were unwilling/unable to give me the microsim kit and would not sign me up for the $30 100/unlimited plan. I just got the $60 plan for the first month, then..

    I went to the tmobile site and ordered the microsim activation kit.

    Tried to activate online, but was unable to transfer my number.

    Called 1 877 778 2106, explained I have new activation kit and the plan I wanted. Be specific, and double check they have it right.

    They were not able to transfer the phone number right away, so I got yet another temporary number for a bit. They say it takes 24-48 hours but in my case it only took a few to get my original number back.

    Profit (or save, really).

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  • johnnyboy20

    The way I managed to pull it off with the T-mobile Galaxy Note 2 is as follows. I purchased the Note 2 through T-mobile at full price. Purchased at prepaid phone at Walmart that qualified for the $30/month deal. Purchased a prepaid card with minutes on it ($20 just to be sure I had enough, plus the phone came with $30 in minutes). I activated the prepaid phone through the 1-800 number. After activation I pulled the sim card out of the prepaid phone and went to the T-mobile store and had them cut the sim card to fit the Note 2. I installed the newly cut card into the note 2 and I was done. I then sold the prepaid phone online with no sim card. I set the plan up to auto pay and haven’t had any issues yet. I’ve had the phone for 4 months now. After reading a lot of the posts it makes sense just to buy the sim card online and activate it that way. I wish I had read this site before hand as it has some good info in the comments. This by far is the cheapest deal for what I needed and still holds true. Here’s to working around the system 🙂

  • desvaj

    I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 521 T-Mobile phone & wanted the $30 unlimited text & web w/ 100 mins talk but I got the wrong- $30 prepaid card refill. So is the $30 unlimited text and web w/ 100 mins a plan or can I pay as I go *prepaid*

  • Tony Oh

    Hi i have a question :),at the end of each month, when you used up all of your 100 talk minutes (or have some left over) do the 100 mins talk refill automatically or do you have to purchase additional minutes online or at the store?

  • Cathy Horejs-Kuckuk

    Heres a question from a technically challenged mother: Can I purchase this sim card for $.99 on the internet and use it in an iPhone4 or 5? If so, what do I do…purchase the sim card from here, place it in our phones, then what? Thanks for any help!

  • md

    This plan has unli international text also without any charges?