I just got the wordbook plugin for wordpress. It should post my blog posts from bnee.com automatically to facebook. This combines two of my online presences. I also got the Twitter Widget for wordpress which shows my most recent twits on this blog. Facebook also recieves my most recent twits and posts them into my facebook feed. I can also email photos directly from my phone to facebook.

I’d like to be able to show my facebook photos on my blog and have my facebook status posted to twitter. I also use dodgeball a fair amount to let people know where I am at. I’m not sure this would be useful to post anywhere else, but it would be cool if I could do so. Overall, it looks like more things are getting integrated, which is a good thing. Techcunch is suggesting that google will help facilitate this integration by opening up a lot of their services via API starting Nov 5. I think that will be interesting.