Brendan Nee

Freshbooks takes me out to dinner

September 17th, 2007

Preston and I had the opportunity to have dinner with two members of the freshbooks team. We both use for tracking our work and billing our clients, and it happens to be one of my very favorite web applications.

Now we’re both pictured on the freshbooks blog. Preston and I ended up taking Mike & Sunir out to Zeitgeist, one of my favorite San Francisco bars, which is just down the street from Espetus, my new favorite San Francisco Brazilian steakhouse.

  • Have you seen our Electric CheckBook entry for RailsRumble07? It was completely designed and built by our 3-man team during the 48-hour Rails competition.

    ElectricCheckBook –
    RailsRumble07 –

    Its flexible double-entry ledgers can be shared within a group enabling remote partners, your accountant and spouse to share access to the appropriate accounts without emailing files back and forth.

    Mint is obviously a bit more mature, but ours was designed, developed and launched in 48 hours. It has already replaced Quickbooks for our small distributed team and handles our accounting, project budgeting, and contractor timesheets. We’ll continue to add features that we need to manage our personal and business finances.

  • Looks like a good product. When did it launch?