Brendan Nee

Hour 64: Thoughts on Amtrak

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August 16th, 2007

This has been a very interesting trip. Some things I’d reccomend for your cross country train trip:

An extension cord- There seem to be only 3 outlets on the train and they are not placed in areas where you could sit and work. Also, one with multiple ends will allow you to make friends by sharing the power.

Food and water- the food on board is neither good nor cheap. Get some food and drink youll like, and maybe some extra to share if you want to make friends.

A blanket- I was ok in the summer, but in the winter youd probably want something to curl up under.

Eyemask & ear plugs- My earbuds kept things quiet but it would have been nice to shield my eyes from the interior lights.

Something to read- When your electronics run out of power you’ll need something to do while delayed 5 hours on a mountian pass. I was able to borrow a book on the great speaches of the 20th century.

All in all, this was an impressive trip and n interesting, albeit slow, way to see the country.

  • slushpupie

    The train trips Ive done are prettymuch like yours. You dont want to take the train if you are in a hurry. Bring some stuff to do, a camera to take pictures, and just enjoy the ride.

  • nee

    Certainly anyone riding the train cross countey has a value of time for that trip near zero. In my case I could have flown direct on southwest for less.

    As far as being on time, the conductor said in the last 24 months the st- Chicago train has only been on time a few times. Almost all of the people on my trip missed their eastbound connections and amtrak picks up the tab on a nice hotel. Im curious how much the subsidy per long distance passenger subsidy is, factoring in delay compensation.