Brendan Nee

Nothing to eat in Winnemucca

August 14th, 2007

Hour 10.5: We had a long stop in the middle of nowhere, now a 40 minute stop in Winnemucca, NV. There was actually a basque restaurant across the street from the station (read: gravel lot) which gave me 4 beers for $8.

Train food has not impressed me yet, I think that was the worst bratwurst I’ve had. I was hoping for a gas station or grocery store, and had we stopped in Reno this long it would have been no problem. With my quick winnings at the craps table it might have been free.

  • sounds like…fun? start posting some pics of your train shenanigans from your iphone.

  • nee

    I got the hacked wifi network to work, so you can see my photos dumped in real time. I’ve got to get the worpress plugin that allows emailed photo submissions, then I could use my iphone camera directly.

  • nice