Brendan Nee

Grand Junction: Not so grand

August 14th, 2007

Hour 29: I’m starting to think I should have brought some food with me on this trip. The cafe food is maybe on par with gas station food at triple the price. The dining car food isn’t much more but the menu is remarkably similar to the cafe: hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza. We stopped for 1.75 hrs in salt lake city at 3 AM, but the station was under a freeway and there was nothing around. Now were at grand junction, CO for 1.5 hours due to track maintenance in the Rockies. I walked 5 blocks to a gas station and stocked up on some bad food.

  • GJer

    You cannot possibly judge Grand Junction based on your stepping off the train and going to a gas station for food. The train station area is in lower downtown in/near the industrial area. Would you pass judgement on all of LA or NYC for only being there for an hour and walking to a gas station? At least in GJ you won’t get mugged in those areas.
    Also, it’s not like the best of GJ builds right up on the railroad tracks. Would you want to? Would you want your cute little diner, nice restaurant, cool boutique or upscale house on the RAILROAD TRACKS?
    I think not. Maybe next time, you should drive and not get stuck walking in the worst areas of all the best cities. Just my two cents!