Old School Fly Ride


A PA System for talking to people outside and the ability to turn on a siren, ice-cream truck music, or several animal sounds.
Forward and backward facing fog lights for illuminating the areas in front and behind.
A Thule Roof Rack with Fairing
Off road lights mounted to the roof rack
4×4 Taurus Off-Road custom made decals on sides and back (from a friend with a hookup in the automotive signage industry)
The turn signals on a relay with the fog lights to coordinate blinking with the appropriate direction.
17 red clearance lights, relayed to the interior lights, mounted under the seats to make the interior glow.
Red bulbs in all interior light fixtures
Two 12″ Rockford Fosgate Punch XLC subwoofers in the trunk powered by a 400 Watt Rockford Fosgate Amp.
CD Player.
Gold distribution blocks mounted on the passenger side for fuses and ground.
A light up red switch panel below the stereo to control lighting.
Car Bra.
An artistic black and white photo of me with my car. This is an early form of the car without the stickers or bra.
Brendan looking cool with orange Smith sunglasses, a Bikes Limited T-shirt (where he worked), and his fly ride.
My control panel before my CD Player was installed. Note the broken tape deck.
Lighted up!
Preston zip-tied a fish to my bumper. Here is the result.